What It’s Like Living in a Hotel III – Dream a Little…

I dream about being with my family more. I close my eyes and I wish that the three of us could enjoy the joys of everyday life. 

A family photo is sometimes bitter sweet for me. I am the only one who knows how difficult it is to arrange that the three of us be together on a picture.

I would like to keep on trying being positive. I want to practice optimism. The blogs I follow are the ones that help me read about wonderful people who try their best to laugh at the hard times, to focus on what is nice and awesome out there. They choose to smile more and I would like to make that choice myself.


Step by step. It is enough if I write about something good here and now.

I told one of the chef that I enjoy the pastry part of a pie. This pie can be ordered sometimes at the hotel’s restaurant as the “pie of the day”. The chef asked the guy who made the pie to make cookies using only the pastry part of the pie. They were brought to our room. Delicious! So thoughtful of them!

I had a good work out today while Zoárd was peacefully asleep in his stroller. I think all in all he had a great day. I was able to concentrate on spending quality time with him. We really like each other. 

How do you stay positive?



How Important is Playfulness?

I think I was always a combination of being a very serious person but one who is in to a little fun. Nothing too wild, nothing mean.
Doing something unconventional was usually fine by me. And today I want to share a little fooling around my husband and I did during a trip to Bangkok. This was 2 years ago. 
We asked total strangers to take our camera and take a picture of us. We managed to surprise everyone by laying down on the floor. 

I am already excited about all the fun we are going to have with our son included. It might be an ethical dilemma that he is non-verbal at the moment and cannot really protest. I might write a whole post about some of the funny pictures I took of him already…
Note: I would never make fun of him crying.

What do you think about parents who joke around with their babies? Is it a different matter if they do it without a child?
I am sure Zoárd does not mind that I went a little blue…
at the airport in Bangkok
Le Meridien in Bangkok

Dean and Deluca in Bangkok

Strip Thailand – Ministry of Waxing at Siam Discovery
Mandarin Oriental
book shop probably in Siam Paragon 


We Left The Hotel For an Hour or More. I. /20 PICTURES/

We ran out of granola and that gave us the excuse to take one of the hotel’s car…

I asked two sweet guys (hotel guests) to take a picture of us as we were walking down the slope to meet my husband at the bottom of the mountain (the hotel is on a mountain).

This is the view from the parking lot.

Spirit house in front of reception. Hotel staff believe that it gives home to bad spirits so this way they will not haunt anyone in the hotel. They have a home of their own. Image
I rolled down the window to take a picture of this colorful shop.
Random shot. Can you spot the spirit house?

The road that goes around the island.
Tesco Lotus! Our final destination.
This helmet was on sale. I felt like trying it on…
My husband had a hair cut. The owner does it for him. He is always dressed very uniquely. Today he had a modest day.
The owner chose this poster for his desk. Grandfather rock. One of the attractions tourists visit. Do I need to comment any further? HAHAImage
You can almost take a nap while they give you a head massage.Image
For me in the beginning it was interesting to experience that sometimes 2 or even 3 people “work on you” at the same time. This lady had a very long hair so she no doubt deserved two stylists.
The ice cream place we visit occasionally is called…
I had a blueberry pie flavored ice cream. Zoárd was eagerly watching me. HAHA
This drink contains bird’s nest. It is very popular and it is somewhat a luxury product. At the supermarket they keep them locked up behind glass doors.
Pocky was on sale. Or was it?!
My husband told me that this sales person was plucking her eyebrows. Could be… but I only got a shot of her texting. Good enough?!
I wish I would know what this is it. Anyone has ideas?
This is an interesting thing. Its a drink. I think.
ImageIts not easy living in a place where you can never wear winter clothes. I had my moments too when we lived here for two years. I ordered a beanie online… And I wore my jeans one time…

Am I Choking My Baby By Living in a Hotel?

Someone wrote to me that she could not live in a hotel. Another friend asked: how long can you take this?!

I know that the way others live their lives makes us automatically think about our own. Did I make the right choices? Is this the perfect life I imagined for my baby? Am I giving him and myself everything we deserve? 

I tell everyone that symbolically speaking I would follow my husband anywhere in the world even to Siberia if I had to. Siberia is cold. No offence. 

I could focus on the fact that I cannot put my baby down on the grass because of snakes. I could count how many baby friends he does not have right now. And yes, people working at the hotel pull on his chubby legs all the time. 

I personally think that while staying in a hotel room almost 24 hours is not ideal for a baby who needs fresh air but I do go for small walks with him (I put him in the carrier) time to time and happy parents are worth more than gardens, parks and playgrounds. 

My biggest problem is not seeing my husband enough its not how or where we live. I suppose this is one reason I started a blog. But no worries by the time he will have more free time to spend with us I will be madly in love with writing these posts. HAHA

Speaking of madly in love. Its nice to see guests holding hands with their partners; planting trees together in order to express their love to one and other (its something honeymooners do in the hotel); I see couples giggling and posing in front of their cameras all the time. One of my favorite thing is watching those who go to the gym together. I always feel that its important to take care of your loved ones health. 

And getting back to what its like for Zoárd. He is healthy and he lightens up around his father when he drops by to see how we are doing. We try to order room service at lunch time and make time for eating together at least once a day.

What do you do when life gets super busy around you? How do you make time to be with your loved ones?

Is Breast Feeding a Controversial Issue?

I know not all women do it but is anyone against breast feeding?!

Since we live in a hotel I bump in to hotel guests time to time. And breast feeding comes up as a topic. Why? Simply because people (strangers) are not shy to talk about MY milk. HAHA

The most common remark is: “I see there is no problem with the quality of your milk…” (Our baby is considered large especially when looking at me or my husband.)
“Hm. Well, thank you!”
I guess these men and women our the strong supporters of breast feeding. I guess.

I had a hotel guest tell me that she is only hoping I do not want to go on doing this for ever. I just politely smiled. I do not see why she was concerned that I was still breast feeding my (then) 5 month old.

In Spain I was warned that my milk might change when my baby turns 4 month old and I should prepare myself if I might have to give him solids earlier than I expected to.
Why do I  need to prepare myself for something that would be a sad event for me?! Should I also prepare myself for all the bad things that MIGHT happen?!

I was encouraged very much by two blogs:

Breast feeding in public. Now that is something worth discussing! I love to feed my baby anytime and anywhere! However, I think if it is well-known that this is something that is culturally not excepted in a country I try my best not to be seen while breast feeding Zoárd. This was the case in Malaysia and here in Thailand as well.

While in Hungary and Spain breast feeding in public is not a big deal. In Spain you can even walk and talk with your partner while having your baby sucking on your nipple peacefully.

In order to prevent this post in becoming too long. Here is my last thought on the question for now: I have tried breast feeding in toilets and my reaction to it: never again.

Do you have an opinion on breast feeding? Image

What It’s Like To Live in a Hotel? II.

Placing the hotel guests ahead of us is our choice. I still could use the pool, the spa anytime. I could ask for a driver. And I can order anything that I want even off the menu.

Everything has a price so I never go to the pool using up the sunbeds, making a noise (not me personally HAHA but note: wherever I go, Zoárd comes with me). I know the drivers are busy so I only leave the hotel about once a week. My husband is super busy nowadays but sometimes we go out when he needs a hair cut and we grab a box of granola etc.

We have a baby car seat just for us. You cannot buy a safety car seat on the island. Babies travel on their parent’s shoulders on scooters…

The engineers are here right now. I always have to make sure that I am properly dressed if someone from the hotel’s staff would drop by (which they do, daily) but I also have to be available for breast feeding (my baby, not the hotel’s staff HAHA).

We are testing a device that sends out ultrasound waves that I think will make pests try to escape from the ultrasonic sound. You know what this means, right?!

Our there situations where you have to set a good example?
Have you ever been to your partner’s work place? If so, do you act differently?

What It’s Like To Live in a Hotel? I.

ImageI already mentioned that I have access to the gym which is truly great… /picture was taken at the gym yesterday by the receptionist/


Baby pees on the bed:
At home you would change the sheets, open the windows etc.
I never open the doors unless we have to go out or come back in. I do not want flies and bees and other creatures in our room. (This is Thailand and our room is very close to the forest – should I say jungle?!)

Changing the bed linen all the time is very wasteful. That is why YOU DON’T DO IT in your home as often as when you are in a hotel. Since we want the best for the hotel I reuse the towels, the bed sheets as often as possible. And I always keep in mind that housekeeping is very busy with the hotel being full so I better have a very good reason if I call them up. /This is our way of thinking. Thai people are super respectful and it even took them some time to accept that the general manager’s family wants the oldest towels and bed linen that can be found./

I know you are still wondering about the pee stain on our bed sheet…

We do not have a changing table. We do not have a kitchen. We have access to a washing machine and a dryer in the evenings. We can use the mini bar as a refrigerator.

Since our baby has to be more quiet than other babies (it would just be wrong if a guest would complain because of us) I have to eat my breakfast in our hotel room.  That is why I often have an issue of what to eat my muesli in. 

Your thoughts:
“why don’t you have a few bowls and spoons in your room?”

storing empty bowls is not that a big of a deal it’s what I do with it AFTER I have used it; I do not have any washing liquid and space so we stuff the dirty dishes in to the mini bar and we have 3-4 strategies in getting them back to the restaurant’s kitchen

Side note:
Zoárd is 6 month old and he is heavy. I do put him in the carrier time to time leaving my hands empty to take back some dirty plates for example but it is different than putting things in the sink as you would do at home. Am I complaining?! Maybe a little bit… HAHA

Should I Feel Embarrassed?

There are hundred and some staff working in this hotel. And I am older than more than a hundred of them including my husband who is the general manager.

I spoke to one of the cooks this morning when I went down to the restaurant to grab a spoon. He said something like “good morning lady” instead of “hey there”. I must add that this was in Hungarian language since the cook is Hungarian and so am I. We have two different forms of addressing someone, there is a way to talk to young people and older people.

I keep telling myself that all he wanted is to show some respect.
I am not sure I am ready to be a respectful lady. HAHA


I quickly took a picture of myself and resisted editing my wrinkles off. Well…

Do you feel young or do you feel that you are getting old? Do you see a difference in the way people talk to you?