Is It Better to Have a Son or a Daughter?

I have to stop showing off pictures from the past, right?!
This is me 6 months ago.
They asked at the 10th IUI we went to: “would you like a girl or a boy?”
We always said the same thing: “both is good for us. Thank you.” /This was in Bangkok we were the ONLY couple who did not specifically ask for a boy./
I was 12 weeks pregnant when already doctors were guessing that I will have a boy and later it was certain.
First I was a bit nervous about it having grown up with two sisters. I dislike cars, robots and guns.
Eventually, I came to the conclusion: he is not going to be just a boy, he is going to be our baby who will most likely copy us (even though he will have a personality of his own). He will like shopping, reading, talking, playing word games, building castles etc.


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