Would You Live in a Hotel?

I have to live at my husband’s workplace and I realize time to time that this is not considered a punishment. Not even in my eyes. But it does limit one’s independence. 

This morning I was hungry. It happens to the best of us, right?!
I did not have a bowl. Hotel rooms do not normally have empty dishes laying around. I knew that the hotel is full and understaffed at the moment. It was seven o’clock and already my husband was working his …. off.

I already used up the wine glasses last week. Creativity is a good friend around here…

I must present myself. Go out and be seen. After all, there are plenty of bowls out there.

Zoárd saved me again. The carrier covered me up. I thought my Nike top would look lovely with my elegant long pants.  I know being the wife of the general manager is not like being the wife of a…. prince…or a president… or a pop star (OK, OK I made my point) but still. 

Do you feel that your loved ones can be proud of the way you look?Image 



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