How Do Others Do It?

This I know is an advantage of living in a hotel: the gym. 

I do not know how other parents can exercise WITH their babies but I prefer to take the easier route: exercising WITHOUT him.

I quickly change in to my “sports clothes” and carry Zoárd down to the gym as soon as I see that he is ready for his second nap of the day. I rock him to sleep since his stroller is already waiting for him by the reception desk. 

And after that I hop on the treadmill and feel super grateful. I like to listen to music to help me pass time because at times I run for an hour. 

What music works for you while exercising? Or do you like sweating in silence?


2 thoughts on “How Do Others Do It?

  1. I’ve become a spinning addict. My fav classes are in the evening with the music blaring and the lights turned down. I also prefer to exercise without the kids. Every evening at 6pm when my hubby walks in the door I bolt out and enjoy an hour and a half of “me time” 😉

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