Will He Eat Thai Fruits and Vegetables?!

Will He Eat Thai Fruits and Vegetables?!

A Norwegian hotel guest brought a bowl and a sippy cup for Zoárd. For some reason, she did not ask me the so often asked questions: when and what will I start feeding him.

I know that he is 6 months and 5 days (!) old but he is still offered breast milk exclusively.

I think the best to say: we are not ready yet. I would be more comfortable if he could sit up. And I think he is not that interested yet (but maybe this is my wishful thinking).

Will he eat bok-choi, som-o and a few different types of Thai chilly?

He will be tempted with things that we usually eat. Som-o is pomelo. I eat pomelo every day but I am not a fan of spicy food and since I am pretty picky even introducing mango will be up to his daddy.

At this point I am already strange in some people’s eyes and I haven’t even mentioned the baby-led feeding we are thinking about. (The correct term is baby-led weaning.)

Do you think its super important what and when a baby starts eating solids? Do you consider yourself a good role model when it comes to eating?


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