Should I Feel Embarrassed?

There are hundred and some staff working in this hotel. And I am older than more than a hundred of them including my husband who is the general manager.

I spoke to one of the cooks this morning when I went down to the restaurant to grab a spoon. He said something like “good morning lady” instead of “hey there”. I must add that this was in Hungarian language since the cook is Hungarian and so am I. We have two different forms of addressing someone, there is a way to talk to young people and older people.

I keep telling myself that all he wanted is to show some respect.
I am not sure I am ready to be a respectful lady. HAHA


I quickly took a picture of myself and resisted editing my wrinkles off. Well…

Do you feel young or do you feel that you are getting old? Do you see a difference in the way people talk to you?


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