What It’s Like To Live in a Hotel? I.

ImageI already mentioned that I have access to the gym which is truly great… /picture was taken at the gym yesterday by the receptionist/


Baby pees on the bed:
At home you would change the sheets, open the windows etc.
I never open the doors unless we have to go out or come back in. I do not want flies and bees and other creatures in our room. (This is Thailand and our room is very close to the forest – should I say jungle?!)

Changing the bed linen all the time is very wasteful. That is why YOU DON’T DO IT in your home as often as when you are in a hotel. Since we want the best for the hotel I reuse the towels, the bed sheets as often as possible. And I always keep in mind that housekeeping is very busy with the hotel being full so I better have a very good reason if I call them up. /This is our way of thinking. Thai people are super respectful and it even took them some time to accept that the general manager’s family wants the oldest towels and bed linen that can be found./

I know you are still wondering about the pee stain on our bed sheet…

We do not have a changing table. We do not have a kitchen. We have access to a washing machine and a dryer in the evenings. We can use the mini bar as a refrigerator.

Since our baby has to be more quiet than other babies (it would just be wrong if a guest would complain because of us) I have to eat my breakfast in our hotel room.  That is why I often have an issue of what to eat my muesli in. 

Your thoughts:
“why don’t you have a few bowls and spoons in your room?”

storing empty bowls is not that a big of a deal it’s what I do with it AFTER I have used it; I do not have any washing liquid and space so we stuff the dirty dishes in to the mini bar and we have 3-4 strategies in getting them back to the restaurant’s kitchen

Side note:
Zoárd is 6 month old and he is heavy. I do put him in the carrier time to time leaving my hands empty to take back some dirty plates for example but it is different than putting things in the sink as you would do at home. Am I complaining?! Maybe a little bit… HAHA


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