What It’s Like To Live in a Hotel? II.

Placing the hotel guests ahead of us is our choice. I still could use the pool, the spa anytime. I could ask for a driver. And I can order anything that I want even off the menu.

Everything has a price so I never go to the pool using up the sunbeds, making a noise (not me personally HAHA but note: wherever I go, Zoárd comes with me). I know the drivers are busy so I only leave the hotel about once a week. My husband is super busy nowadays but sometimes we go out when he needs a hair cut and we grab a box of granola etc.

We have a baby car seat just for us. You cannot buy a safety car seat on the island. Babies travel on their parent’s shoulders on scooters…

The engineers are here right now. I always have to make sure that I am properly dressed if someone from the hotel’s staff would drop by (which they do, daily) but I also have to be available for breast feeding (my baby, not the hotel’s staff HAHA).

We are testing a device that sends out ultrasound waves that I think will make pests try to escape from the ultrasonic sound. You know what this means, right?!

Our there situations where you have to set a good example?
Have you ever been to your partner’s work place? If so, do you act differently?


2 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Live in a Hotel? II.

  1. I’ve been to Will’s previous workplace and his internship one. At the previous one I could just act normally, but the internship is different.

    We did a go kart race (the most professional and competitive I have ever seen!!!) with the company the first time I met them. I was the only girl. It was super fun though.

    • I can imagine they were all curious how Will’s sweetheart handles the go kart. It is awesome you were able to have a fun time with them. Maybe they will ask you to visit another time as well. 🙂

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