Is Breast Feeding a Controversial Issue?

I know not all women do it but is anyone against breast feeding?!

Since we live in a hotel I bump in to hotel guests time to time. And breast feeding comes up as a topic. Why? Simply because people (strangers) are not shy to talk about MY milk. HAHA

The most common remark is: “I see there is no problem with the quality of your milk…” (Our baby is considered large especially when looking at me or my husband.)
“Hm. Well, thank you!”
I guess these men and women our the strong supporters of breast feeding. I guess.

I had a hotel guest tell me that she is only hoping I do not want to go on doing this for ever. I just politely smiled. I do not see why she was concerned that I was still breast feeding my (then) 5 month old.

In Spain I was warned that my milk might change when my baby turns 4 month old and I should prepare myself if I might have to give him solids earlier than I expected to.
Why do I  need to prepare myself for something that would be a sad event for me?! Should I also prepare myself for all the bad things that MIGHT happen?!

I was encouraged very much by two blogs:

Breast feeding in public. Now that is something worth discussing! I love to feed my baby anytime and anywhere! However, I think if it is well-known that this is something that is culturally not excepted in a country I try my best not to be seen while breast feeding Zoárd. This was the case in Malaysia and here in Thailand as well.

While in Hungary and Spain breast feeding in public is not a big deal. In Spain you can even walk and talk with your partner while having your baby sucking on your nipple peacefully.

In order to prevent this post in becoming too long. Here is my last thought on the question for now: I have tried breast feeding in toilets and my reaction to it: never again.

Do you have an opinion on breast feeding? Image


6 thoughts on “Is Breast Feeding a Controversial Issue?

  1. I’m expecting my first, and if all goes well I hope to breast feed. I’m not against mothers that choose formula but for me personally I want to try and give all the immunity and nutrients I can to my child. I think it’s such a natural process and people shouldn’t really comment on mothers feeding their children in a conservative manner. I wouldn’t approve of breast out with attached baby for the whole world to see, but if it’s done discreetly I think it’s something to be respected.

    • Being a first-time-mum is so exciting! You will see soon!

      I am very curious how people will react once you have a baby. I guess you can already tell a little by seeing how they are with you and your belly for example. Do strangers touch your belly or make comments about it for example. 🙂

      • Yes, all the time. Whats disturbing is when people comment on weight. They’ll compare their bumps with mine and i’ll either be bigger or smaller then they were at this point. And then they’ll give me advice on how to match there bump size ie what to eat etc. The touching is interesting. Luckily it doesn’t bother me but I can imagine why it would. Who knows though it’ll probably get worse the further on I get!

      • I think in the end these will become “just stories”.
        I remember in Barcelona, I was at the gym and a personal trainer walked up to me and started petting my belly while talking to me. After that I made sure I kept my distance from him. HAHA

  2. I’m breastfeeding my 4,5 month old baby and I think it is..convenient. I don’t have to think about about what to take with me when I go out the door, I don’t have any bottles-formula-hot water related problems, plus I sleep at night as there’s no need to get to the kitchen and prepare a bottle. I would drop dead of exhaustion if I had to prepare formula.. breastfeeding is just extremely time and nerve saving for me!

    • My son shivers and gags when we offer him finger food or pureed food so sort of saying he is still being exclusively breastfed and he is 9 months old now! It should be fine until he turns 1 year old. And I agree with everything you commented. 🙂

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