What Do You Do After a Hard Night?

What Do You Do After a Hard Night?

This won’t be a post on how I was partying until 4 am. However, I still have a need to ventilate. Yes, ventilate – a term psychologists use /an urge to discuss something that happened/. (I actually have a profession, thank you…).
Anyways, I really need to talk about what happened last night!!! HAHA

Zoárd has been waking up at least ten times per night. This is new to us. After all, he is not a newborn anymore. Lately getting him to fall asleep is a battle as well.

I tried placing him in his crib for a change and it worked. I only had to get up to nurse him or change his diaper (nappy for some) and he let me put him back in his crib instead of our bed. Is this the end of co-sleeping?!

“Was this your HARD NIGHT?”- you ask.

Wait a second! I am not finished. HAHA

Our hotel room is extremely close to nature (jungle!!!) So for this reason we live close to plants AND animals.
There is A rat and he is above our ceiling! Zoárd is not the only one with a sleeping problem. The rat has a serious one as well. It is called waking up too early and scratching the floor to pass time!

Do you have rats? Just joking! That won’t be the question of this post.

Do you think having a pineapple pie and a decaf-lactose free coffee latte is a good way to treat yourself after a difficult situation? Now that is the question of this post! HAHA


2 thoughts on “What Do You Do After a Hard Night?

    • You are sweet… Zoárd is taking a super long nap at this very moment and I feel strange, suddenly… Like I am not sure what I am supposed to do now. It is so, so quiet…

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