How Would You Score on a Sensation Seeking Scale?

How Would You Score on a Sensation Seeking Scale?

I started thinking of myself in terms of sensation seeking because I am playing with the idea of visiting my dearest friend in Ireland. (She does not know this yet…)

High sensation seekers:

– cannot really tolerate repetition
– like crazy, out of control situations
– look for adventures, thrills that can be found outdoors
– make unconventional choices

When I was pregnant I had to spend my first trimester in bed. At the time I lived in the same hotel as I now live in. “My tower” -as I call it sometimes because I cannot leave the mountain we are on (lacking driving skills). I do not get bored even if it seems that I am deprived of fun happenings.

I am the opposite of a wild drinker eager to have sex with strangers at a party-marathon. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and I almost never drink alcohol even though my husband was the manager of a cocktail bar when we lived in Weybridge.

I am guilty of outdoor thrills but at the same time I am a city person who does not mind seeing trees only in museums. Yes, I had a license for parachuting; indeed I tried out bungee jumping; I would not say no to an outdoor adventure park; I jumped off of cliffs, boats; I payed money to swim with sharks.

Now that I think about it I bet what attracts me to these things is that you do not need skills to do any of these. Anyone can jump. Adventure parks are designed so kids can enjoy them! I am an anti-talent when it comes to sports: it took me half a year to stand up on a wakeboard. I would definitely say that you invest a little in these activities and you end up bragging about flying on an air balloon (meaning: standing! wow! I did that by the way…HAHA)

Unconventional is my middle name. No wonder cloth diapering suits me. Want to bath your baby in a bucket? Sure! Just a reminder: our son’s name is Zoárd and no it is not a typical Hungarian name. HAHA

Getting back to my original question. I stayed up awake thinking how I would be able to eat or go to the toilet if I would fly to Ireland from Thailand without my husband.
I know a lot of people go to the toilet without their husbands! Thanks for reminding me! HAHA
Did I forget to mention that I would be with my giant baby?!

Have you traveled alone with a baby? Are you a sensation seeker?


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