Am I Choking My Baby By Living in a Hotel?

Someone wrote to me that she could not live in a hotel. Another friend asked: how long can you take this?!

I know that the way others live their lives makes us automatically think about our own. Did I make the right choices? Is this the perfect life I imagined for my baby? Am I giving him and myself everything we deserve? 

I tell everyone that symbolically speaking I would follow my husband anywhere in the world even to Siberia if I had to. Siberia is cold. No offence. 

I could focus on the fact that I cannot put my baby down on the grass because of snakes. I could count how many baby friends he does not have right now. And yes, people working at the hotel pull on his chubby legs all the time. 

I personally think that while staying in a hotel room almost 24 hours is not ideal for a baby who needs fresh air but I do go for small walks with him (I put him in the carrier) time to time and happy parents are worth more than gardens, parks and playgrounds. 

My biggest problem is not seeing my husband enough its not how or where we live. I suppose this is one reason I started a blog. But no worries by the time he will have more free time to spend with us I will be madly in love with writing these posts. HAHA

Speaking of madly in love. Its nice to see guests holding hands with their partners; planting trees together in order to express their love to one and other (its something honeymooners do in the hotel); I see couples giggling and posing in front of their cameras all the time. One of my favorite thing is watching those who go to the gym together. I always feel that its important to take care of your loved ones health. 

And getting back to what its like for Zoárd. He is healthy and he lightens up around his father when he drops by to see how we are doing. We try to order room service at lunch time and make time for eating together at least once a day.

What do you do when life gets super busy around you? How do you make time to be with your loved ones?


3 thoughts on “Am I Choking My Baby By Living in a Hotel?

  1. Couples connect best when both individuals and feeding their own lives. While its beautiful that you would follow your husband anywhere, making him the centre of your happiness puts a lot of pressure on both of you. Maybe you shouldnt be willing him anywhere. Maybe you should be pursuing your own dreams also.

    • I agree that every member of the family should try to pursue their own happiness.
      It might sound strange but I am not the person with 1000 of goals. I guess I enjoy little things in life. I would say I have a goal or a “dream” as you put it once in every five years.
      My latest one was having a baby. It took us 3 years…. My dream came true!
      At the moment I do not have a new mountain I wish to climb so its not like my husband is robbing me from anything. However, I get your point. 🙂

  2. Zoard has a beautiful, happy, and loving family and what more can a baby need (besides diaper changes and milk ;)) Do not be afraid to go outside, improvise and use what you do have, which I’m sure you do because you are the most creative person I know…

    Think of all the children that grow up perfectly fine n very rural areas, or children that grow up in giant metropolitan cities with fumes everywhere. There is “harmful” things all around us everywhere in the world. As long as you keep your spirits high, and are able to stay creative, Zoard will never know that he grew up any different in that hotel room he will only have pleasant memories of giggles and fun with his super cool parents! 🙂 I cannot wait to meet my nephew, I hope he will not be talking full sentences by the time I do! 😦

    Where do other babies around there “hang out”?

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