How Important is Playfulness?

I think I was always a combination of being a very serious person but one who is in to a little fun. Nothing too wild, nothing mean.
Doing something unconventional was usually fine by me. And today I want to share a little fooling around my husband and I did during a trip to Bangkok. This was 2 years ago. 
We asked total strangers to take our camera and take a picture of us. We managed to surprise everyone by laying down on the floor. 

I am already excited about all the fun we are going to have with our son included. It might be an ethical dilemma that he is non-verbal at the moment and cannot really protest. I might write a whole post about some of the funny pictures I took of him already…
Note: I would never make fun of him crying.

What do you think about parents who joke around with their babies? Is it a different matter if they do it without a child?
I am sure Zoárd does not mind that I went a little blue…
at the airport in Bangkok
Le Meridien in Bangkok

Dean and Deluca in Bangkok

Strip Thailand – Ministry of Waxing at Siam Discovery
Mandarin Oriental
book shop probably in Siam Paragon 



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