What It’s Like Living in a Hotel III – Dream a Little…

I dream about being with my family more. I close my eyes and I wish that the three of us could enjoy the joys of everyday life. 

A family photo is sometimes bitter sweet for me. I am the only one who knows how difficult it is to arrange that the three of us be together on a picture.

I would like to keep on trying being positive. I want to practice optimism. The blogs I follow are the ones that help me read about wonderful people who try their best to laugh at the hard times, to focus on what is nice and awesome out there. They choose to smile more and I would like to make that choice myself.


Step by step. It is enough if I write about something good here and now.

I told one of the chef that I enjoy the pastry part of a pie. This pie can be ordered sometimes at the hotel’s restaurant as the “pie of the day”. The chef asked the guy who made the pie to make cookies using only the pastry part of the pie. They were brought to our room. Delicious! So thoughtful of them!

I had a good work out today while Zoárd was peacefully asleep in his stroller. I think all in all he had a great day. I was able to concentrate on spending quality time with him. We really like each other. 

How do you stay positive?



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