We Left The Hotel II.

My husband used up his lunch break so he could drive me. He borrowed a cool van that made it possible for the three of us to sit in front.

We were waiting at the parking lot. I took a shot of an example how babies travel around here.

Shortly after I pointed toward the white scooter we were waiting for. I tried calling the beautician to tell her that we are here and we will go behind her once we get out of the parking lot. She did not pick up her cell phone. My husband started backing out when we saw that the beautician picked a girl up and left. We had no time to follow her. We were shocked.

I called Pun, who owns a coffee shop. I was expecting her to be in Bangkok. To our delight she said she is in the coffee shop which is also “at the other end of the island” so near to where we were at.

4 slices of banoffee pie and 4 slices of coconut cake was our therapy. I can happily say we recovered.Have you ever been left behind by a beautician on a white scooter? HAHA



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