How Do You Spend Your Whole Day With A Baby?

Earlier on I wrote a post about our mornings in the hotel we live in. This time I will share some moments of my afternoon with Zoárd.

Zoárd is six and a half month old. He needs 2 naps per day. I breast feed him whenever he shows interest in eating. I have no clue how much he eats but he never nurses for a long time. 

I sing to him, I dance with him, I read to him and I let him play on his own. I do not join in when he is engaged with his toys. But I do fool around with him when he is up for it…

We are being funny bunnies in bed.

Since we live in a hotel the only house work I really do is washing Zoárd’s cloth diapers.

I started a new habit 2 weeks ago. I put Zoárd in his rocker while I eat lunch with my husband. Today it was just the two us. My husband is on a business trip (he left this morning and he will be back tonight – I will survive HAHA).

I think we could have skipped buying this rocker. I now believe that providing safe space for Zoárd is more important. He is enjoying it now for this short time but I think 10 minutes is his maximum ( yes, we eat lunch quite quickly…).

Speaking of lunch. A friend of mine is always asking me what I eat. This is my “new thing”: I ask the chefs to make me oven-baked potatoes with carrots and squash. I got “adventurous” today and asked for some grated apple and carrots on the side.

I wanted Zoárd’s opinion on my plan to take lots of pictures today. He thought about it and even agreed to wear some clothes (its so hot in Thailand that clothes are unnecessary). 

I used the 10 second-timer and here we are: posing on the couch together!

Changing diapers I think are more frequent in our lives because of cloth diapering (I probably do not have enough inserts). As I am typing this… a lot of poo is calling for action. Excuse me!

I read somewhere ages ago that different angles can be fun when taking pictures.

So far Zoárd did not mind my new approach.

I think he became suspicious after a while.
He let me have some more fun before…

He decided to kick me. HAHA


I had some decaf coffee with lactose-free milk. I would not recommend it. HAHA
How was your afternoon?


3 thoughts on “How Do You Spend Your Whole Day With A Baby?

  1. this post warmed my heart. I salute you for cloth diapering and for being such a present mum. Makes me miss having a baby XXX

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