A Happy Event Led To A Happy Picture

It took us two nights but we watched the whole movie in the end. It is French so be ready for a lot of sex scenes. Otherwise it is about how your life changes once you have a baby.


It got us talking about the pressure of being with Zoárd all the time and not having anyone to help me.

I told my husband that I do not wish to chat about unrealistic desires.I know he would bring the stars down if he would have more time. I do not want him to promise me 3 hours per week because it will never happen. Plus I am not eager to be without Zoárd in the hotel because what would I do?!

Today we tried to spend some quality time together which is exactly what I wished for.

I had a woman wax my eyebrows for 40 minutes (not the time to complain! HAHA) and my husband received a “hair cut” that took even longer. But we did not mind!

Later we even took a family picture which is something that is ALWAYS on my wish list; Christmas list; list for Santa; bucket list (to have lots of family pictures) etc.

What is truly important to you when it comes to family?



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