A Wizard Visited Me

This is what a wizard said to me:

“All your belongings will be replaced. You will get something similar but in a different brand. You can pick out two brands that you wish to keep. We will not replace any items you have from the chosen brands.”

As I saw straight away that I am dealing with a powerful wizard here all I asked is for a few minutes to think about it.

Now I am a person who is loyal to anything she likes but I guess if my things would be replaced and not completely taken away from me…

I really like my laptop but I would probably really like a different laptop as well. I am petite so I give a great value to all my clothes but the wizard did promise to bring a similar one of everything…

“Alright. I got it!”
What would be Your 2 brands?

We use 4 different brands of cloth diapers but these are my favorite and I would not want them replaced by a different brand.

I have tried replacing my makeup remover a few times because I am not happy with its price but nothing really worked for me as well as this. I guess its a keeper.


12 thoughts on “A Wizard Visited Me

  1. I think my two would be my Dove’s Farm gluten free cornflakes and my Apple ipod for listening to music when running. Maybe the ipod is a waste of a brand choice but it just seems to suit me, or maybe I’m just used to it!

  2. Actually I’ve been wondering about diapers. How do you find cloth diapers? I prefer the idea of not building up unnecessary waste when I have a functioning washing machine but then again I do think disposable diapers would be easier.

    • I have never tried anything from either brand. The main reason for this could be that these products are easier to get a hold on in the States or UK. I lived in both places but at the time I was very much on a student budget. 😉

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