Are We Really In Thailand?

We missed the chance to have visitors in Barcelona because we are not there anymore. That made me think, looking at pictures of us on Facebook may not reveal where we are at. Even the pictures in my last post could have been taken anywhere.

So I collected some “proof’ last night. HAHA

Dong (you do not pronounce the g) and my husband had a business relationship in the beginning but we have been friends for a few years now. Dong is going to get me discount at the ice cream place we go to and I was able to get him condensed milk in a tube (it looks like a chubby tooth paste – you can still buy these in Eastern Europe).

We like to have dinner together. Last night we went to a place called: Secret Garden.
I would love to have Dong’s skin color and he feels the same way about mine. 
White skin is popular in Thailand. Whitening deodorants are not rare…

I am not sure if you can tell but Dong has braces. Also fashionable. Even if you do not really need them…

Dogs are not kept as pets. They just hang out at restaurants, beaches, next to the road or they take a nap ON the road.
OK I have to add another line here:
similarly I think as in Japan nowadays you do hear of people who buy lap dogs which are super expensive. But I would be very surprised to see someone walk his dog.

I ordered spring rolls just so you do not see Westerner food on my plate. I know, I know… it is not hard core Thai food. And I admit it was filled with goat cheese…HAHA

These are all the sweets my husband brought me from Bangkok. I love all of them. They are very special not only because they are from Asia (the Cindy Muller ones are Thai and the Bourbon Choco & Coffee ones are Japanese) but because I can eat them even though I am allergic to chocolate. Cindy Muller’s brownies don’t have cocoa powder in them and same goes for the cinnamon rolls. And the biscuits can be shared by a chocolate lover who does not mind me eating all the coffee flavored ones. So these are treats that make me smile.

What “treats” make You smile?


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