What To Do If You See A Scorpion?


So you were expecting a photo of a scorpion weren’t you? 

This is what happened:
I was getting out everything from the mini bar preparing my breakfast (if you are new to this blog: we live in a hotel HAHA) when I saw a scorpion walking near Zoárd.

I picked Zoárd up and I put him in his crib. I searched for the insect with my eyes. It turned out to be a friendly, brown forest bug that got caught in my hair (my hair is always on the floor since it falls out intensively – postpartum…). I watched it as it found a new hide-out. 

I was upset about the whole incident. I went on the Net. I only found articles on what to do after you got stung by a scorpion but I didn’t find anything on how to behave BEFORE.

You are not supposed to touch them. They are not out to get you. You should only try to catch them if you got stung by one and you need to take it with you to the hospital. Ice and a little bit of pressure can help ease your pain. 

Is this post really about scorpions?!

Not exactly. It got me thinking… oh no, not that! HAHA

I started being negative about everything basically and that is when I remembered a self-help technique that helped me a lot in the past.

You take your diary (journal) and start writing like you are in the future. You write about how you overcame the problem that you used to have (that you are facing now). You can do this exercise as many times as you need to.

Here is an example. It was 2011 and I was super sad about not being pregnant. This is what I wrote:

I am sitting on a bench watching them. They are so cute as they are playing together. How did I get here? I had to hold on to the thought that modern technology allows almost everyone to have a baby. Even if it is difficult but you must keep going. You must understand that wanting a baby means you will have one even if you don’t know when.  It is similar to the days, weeks, months, years when I wanted a boyfriend. The question was never: will I even have one? It was: when will I find Mr Right?”

So that is the little exercise to overcome current anxieties. I sound like a shrink! HAHA

What do you do to overcome your anxieties?


2 thoughts on “What To Do If You See A Scorpion?

  1. I like to meditate 🙂 if it doesn’t help I like to sing or write poetry..especially when I am supercharged with emotions and worries i find it better if i exorcise my thoughts/feelings on paper 🙂

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