We Left The Hotel III.

Let me start by admitting: I am rum-dumb. 

My husband drove the big van again. This time to a rum distillery. This was a treat for the F & B team. Oh sorry. F and B as in Food and Beverages. The morning shift came with us or should I say I tagged along with them. And as in “I” I mean Zoárd accompanied us as well… 
This is me at reception. See the nice reviews of the hotel in the background?
I am so proud of my husband! – I had to mention this. Anyways…

I took a picture of the girls and boys while my husband stopped at a 7/11 to grab us drinking water and some snacks. Yes, it was exactly like a field trip with lots of giggling in the back. HAHA

The rum distillery was far, far away but worth seeing for sure!

The woman in the white T-shirt is explaining everything about the rum that they make. In Thai. So there is my excuse. Please don’t ask me questions about the process. HAHA

Zoárd is covered up slightly because it was raining a tiny bit.

My husband is trying to encourage his team to taste the different types of rum. They were either shy because he was there or simply Thai women don’t drink alcohol around here. You sure would not see a Thai woman smoke so maybe its the same. We are on an island and these things are looked upon differently than if you were in a city. I am guessing.

This is a bottle of rum that was made here. What flavor? Hm… I know that isn’t a particularly difficult question but I am afraid I was concentrating too much on posing for the picture. HAHA

See the pretty parasite up on the tree? And the spirit house to keep the bad spirits away from the distillery?

What can I say?! I LOVE taking pictures of the two of them.

he three guys were walking behind us but you can see the girls again in their hotel uniform and their cute flip flaps.

Do you have a favorite adult drink?


10 thoughts on “We Left The Hotel III.

  1. I thought the Ergo was supposed to be worn higher up on your waist so it offers support for your lower back. I am afraid I would feel like I was 40 weeks pregnant again if I wore one!

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