We Left The Hotel IV.

Thursday means Thai Night for the restaurant. Usually my husband goes down to check on things. He talks a little with the current guests.

Today we were able to sneak out of the hotel before the Thai Night. After 2 and a half months of being here it was time to show Zoárd the sea.

We walked in an area called the Fishermen’s Village. It is sort of a walking street except that cars and motorbikes can go through it. HAHA

Zoárd was pleased with the sounds and smells of the water.

See the sand? We were really at the beach! HAHA

Zoárd was fed up with the laying down position.

He was so unhappy with his situation that we switched to see what would happen if he would be in a sitting position (though he cannot sit up yet).

This is the peaceful five minutes before we had to switch everything back.

Making friends is easy for Zoárd no matter what position he is in.

I did not want to take too many pictures of little shops. But one bikini seller is a must.

And I think this shot is also forgivable. 

This ice cream was not worth sinning but oh well…

Sometimes I am unsure if what I see is really interesting or not. To be honest I think the fish looks like its holding a tennis ball in its mouth. That is probably me in my head making this more interesting than it is. HAHA

I just liked this. It had a cool vibe.

Common I had to! It says THAILAND!

Elephant, Cat, Buddha… What else could you want?!

As I said yesterday: I LOVE taking pictures of my boys…

ye for now!

Do you have a favorite place where you enjoy strolling?

7 thoughts on “We Left The Hotel IV.

  1. I love your photos. I agree about the fish with the tennis ball – lol! You choices of things to photograph are great. 🙂
    Beautiful place. My husband’s mother and her brother were both born in Thailand when it was still called Siam. Their parents (my husband’s grandparents) were medical missionaries. 😀

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