A Baby’s Diary in Few Words

I would like to try out something different.
My mission for this post is to use as few words as I am capable of.

I originally planed on showing what Zoárd does throughout the day as a 7 months old but I already have a post on how I spend most of my days with him in this hotel room we live in. I wouldn’t want to repeat myself even though the days of a mommy with a baby is all about repetitions. 

Before I share my pictures with really a few words I have to say that yesterday we managed to use the scale. 
Zoárd is 72 cm-s long and weighs 9.6 kg-s. He takes two naps per day. The end of this story. I know, I know… I went in to much more detail in my postpartum post… HAHA

Fancy smancy restaurant last night.

We were among very serious people. Someone had to compensate. 

Safe space


Flash light!!!

Before first nap.


I only said: MILKY!

Camera. Mine.

Camera sharing


I will miss this tub.
I fit in the crib…That is good! Right?!


I wasn’t able to “speak” in few words at the beginning. Its not easy. 
Are you satisfied with the amount you talk when you are telling a story?


8 thoughts on “A Baby’s Diary in Few Words

  1. You have such beautiful babyboy! Funny picture of “you” haha, you shouldn’t have to do that I think you are really beautiful!!!

    • You are very kind! 😛
      At the restaurant I was hiding behind a mask because the other diners were so uptight. I think the “magic” is gone for us when it comes to fancy places. But at least the waitresses were not snobs and they were kind in a normal way. 🙂

  2. hi! you asked what it means to be “linking up” with jodi on my blog. she started the 52 project. if you follow the link on the post you commented on you will find many blogs “linked” who are doing the photography project. x ashley

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