How To Make Your Man Happy For A Life Time?

Living in a five star hotel has its glories but since I cannot leave my “lovely tower” it has its challenges. I wanted to come up with a surprise for our monthly anniversary but I knew it had to be something I involve my husband in as well. You can read about my idea later on.

My husband and I became a couple (kissed for the first time) 122 months ago. We celebrate this every month.

I know why we are still madly in love. Macarons…


1. We Stick Together. We Are Loyal To One And Other. 
You might have a mother you love “more than anything” or a sister you feel needs your support but Your Man should be number one.

2. Be kind.
Even if you disagree on something do not be cruel to your partner. You can be assertive as hell. You can point out how hurt you are but he is on your team he is not aiming to do you harm on purpose.

3. Help Him Help You Become More Attractive.
If you ask: “am I fat?” Be prepared for honesty. But hey! Men can help you with constructive solutions. They can be fun to work out with.
Here is something else for you: they know what they find sexy. 
Why not ask on some nights (dates): “what would you like me to wear tonight?”

4. Try To Show Some Interest Girl!
I got my husband to try out an aerobics class with me some time ago. Why? Because I told him I would really like it if he would join me one time. 
We moved to Barcelona because of his MBA program and he always told me with glowing eyes what he learned at school. I always know a lot about his work. I let him tell me about Bill Simmons, Seth Godin or Mark Suster. And yes, it can be difficult to understand venture capitalism but trying to show interest as often as possible is very important in a relationship.

5. Funny Bunnyness is crucial.
Being playful, having a good sense of humor is essential. The degree of it is up to the two of you. I will never make anal jokes like my sister whom my husband adores but I can still make him laugh.

Bare with me! Here comes the part about the macarons…

My husband loves them and I know a restaurant that makes them home-made. We have met the owner a few times. Lek is a sweet-heart with such taste for style! I love looking at his pictures showing his outfits of the day.

I told Lek that we are dropping by for those yummy macarons. I personally dislike them but your present to your loved one does not have to sweep You off your feet.

I asked my husband what he would love to see me wearing. Answer: shorts and one of His shirt. 

10 macarons were eaten by such delight today… HAHA

What do you think is the key to a strong relationship?


Lek the owner joined in on this picture. You can see the second plate of macarons. How do I look in men’s shirt?

Zoárd was pleased to meet Lek.

oárd was not the only one with a happy smile…


14 thoughts on “How To Make Your Man Happy For A Life Time?

  1. That’s so lovely to do something once a month, and to continue it like you have. That takes real dedication to your relationship. We just do the typical birthday celebrations and anniversary celebrations but to do something together like that monthly would definitely keep things exciting.

    • You can even come up with a celebration that is made-up. You can celebrate a day when you were conceived. You can celebrate the day your baby was conceived. You can make every third Sunday of the month your Coffee and Cake-Day…

    • The hotel is on a huge mountain. The island is not suitable for walking anyways. You would not see a stroller (pram) being pushed by the road. The number of playgrounds on the island is zero.
      And unfortunately I cannot drive.
      I sometimes walk to my husband’s office with the baby carrier on me. The sun is extremely strong. A little walk is still enjoyable for Zoárd but I doubt he would like a longer one.

  2. I find myself falling inlove more and more everyday. My husband is my best friend and my first priority and I am his. Friends, family are all second and third…I think it’s important to make time only for each other (when baby is sleeping of course 🙂 ), even if it’s just 10 minutes in the morning over coffee (no tv in the background – just savoring each other) or going to the bedroom just to cuddle and kiss or stare at the ceiling together for 5 minutes. We also let each other know everyday how much we appreciate the relationship. I always let him know how attractive I find him, usually with a ” you are so hot husband’ or ” I can’t believe you are mine forever” He would whatsapp me during the day asking how his gorgeous wife is doing. Or most evenings he would just grab me while I’m busy cooking and tell me’ I love you wife ‘ He sends me a message as soon as he leaves the house to let me know that he will miss me..he’s done this every day since we met.

    In a nut shell I think it’s important to never forget where you came from as a couple. Try to keep that excitement of the first few weeks of meeting each other alive. Don’t take the relationship for granted. So many of my friends live like they are roommates with their partner – or simply live their lives together because that’s where they found themselves.

    I love your advice, I love that you celebrate every month. I do to :), we are also going to renew our wows every year – I will be wearing my wedding dress and him his same suit..just the two of us with some close friends and the same reverend. We won’t be doing a reception – just a nice lunch at a different restaurant each year for +/-10 of our closest. It was the best day of our lives, and it will be our way of thanking each other for having chosen to spend the rest of our lives with the other.

    Your relationship reminds me so much of my own 🙂 I still have a long way to go to reach the 10 year mark- but I can see how it was possible that you have reach that mark and am still so inlove.

    I feel like I’ve met my husband just yesterday 🙂

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