Shrink Me Monday – Exciting Idea, Huh?

I left my job as a psychologist three years ago. We moved to Thailand when this hotel (that we live in now) was still hugging the jungle. 

Before Zoárd was born I was included in a wellness package a hotel offered for its guests. They called me when someone bought this package to have a session with the person who came to this Thai island to loose weight. 

What is my identity as a psychologist doing nowadays? I have at least ten pen friends and now and then they ask me for some advice.

On Mondays I could do some “shrinking”- I thought to myself.

I will make a page about it. For now here is my email:

To give it a twist I will give advice as I would in therapy. I would not do it directly because it takes away the control of finding a solution.
Coming up with a solution to your own problem is a great feeling. I would never deprive someone from it. 

I will say (write) what I would do.

Today’s question is one that I can relate to easily. I stay in the hotel where my husband works most of the time. I need to find my happiness indoors. 

“What To Do When You Need A Mood-Booster Urgently?”
/I actually have a post when I wrote about how I cheered myself up.

1. Change in to something that makes you feel better.
    Wear your favorite color for example. Mine is grey.

2. Put a pen in your mouth as shown on the picture underneath. Do number 3 and number 4 with the pen in your mouth. ( Alternative: do number 3 and 4 with a smile.)

3. Watch a funny video that relates to you or to something you talked about recently.
I found one that talks about what men need. (It relates to my post from yesterday.)

4. Look at images that are NOT in connection with your life.
(I do not want a dog now because it does not fit in to our life style at the moment.)
I could look at images of dogs dressed as their owners.


Do you think doing a Shrink Me Monday is a good idea?


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