Would You Like To Be Nice With Me?

One of my aim with this post is to share my good news with You!

But first let me write a tiny bit about my story for those who are reading my blog for the very first time.

My husband, my baby and I flew back to Thailand in June after a year of living in Spain (where my husband studied and we were both beyond happy because of my pregnancy – I gave birth in Barcelona 7 months ago).

What are we doing now and where does the BEING NICE come in the picture?

We live in a five star hotel (my husband is the general manager) where I take care of Zoárd mostly on my own.

I was able to notice 5 nice things about my day. 
I would really appreciate it if you would add some of the nice things of Your day in the comments below. Deal?!

The 5 nice things I picked out are not going to include being with Zoárd because then my whole post would end up with pictures as such:
Notice who has the camera’s string in his hand?! HAHA

Traveling- NICE!
Here comes the good news: tomorrow morning we are leaving the island for a night in Bangkok!!!

Being spontaneous- NICE!
I found myself reading the comments of two women discussing a book they both loved. The book is about Italy. It is called A Room With a View. I have never read this kind of a book before but I wanted to do something that was not expected of me. I ordered this book on to my Kindle in less than a minute!

Exercising- NICE!
I did 60 minutes on the elliptic trainer. (While Zoárd slept in his stroller).

Eating- NICE!
Our friend Dong brought over a banoffee pie and a Japanese caramel cheese cake. Yumm!

Not being alone- NICE!
I ate my dinner by myself but a very positive thought came to my mind that I have kind people reading my blog! 


18 thoughts on “Would You Like To Be Nice With Me?

  1. Five Nice things about my day (and it is only 9:20 am EST!)
    1. Coffee. It is so delicious.
    2. Volunteering: It really does make me feel good about being home with my kids. It is just another way that I can give of myself that I would never have time for if I was a slave to a desk somewhere.
    3. Rain: Running down the driveway to chase my 18 month old in the rain barefoot this morning made me grateful for the mostly great weather we enjoy here in NC.
    4. Fingernail polish: I slapped a quick coat on my fingers and toes this morning and it makes me smile.
    5. Blogging: I meet all kinds of neat people! Like you, my dear. 😉

  2. Hey! Great things you’ve experienced!
    me, today..
    1. I can fit in my regular jeans after just 15 days after pregnancy! yey!
    2. Having a get together with mine and my partners family today, loving the fact that they get along so good and that we have such great time when together!
    3. I got to tidy up our upper floor, which was in a right state!!
    4. I am going for my second gym session (note that I haven’t been to the gym for 9 months up until yesterday)
    5. this was a hard one, a fifth good thing.. I have to say, LIVING! I live for my family and get to be with them daily!

  3. I love your blogs Eszter! The five nice things about my day: 1) I found out I passed a very important exam for my career 2) shared happy tears with my mom over the phone 3) got a free order of potstickers at the Chinese restaurant I decided to try out 4) received a picture of my barely 2 month old smiling niece 5) had positive thoughts about my future

  4. Five nice things about today:
    1. Someone else cleaned my house.
    2. I realized when I woke up this morning that I didn’t get woken up all night last night! That was great.
    3. I made rice krispy treats.
    4. My mom is cooking dinner.
    5. I made rice krispy treats (thought that deserved 2 mentions).
    Enjoy your night away!

  5. 1. Got accepted for a mortgage on a house we want to buy- need more space with the baby arriving!
    2. Going to a great restaurant later in central London with a girlfriend for a good gossip- which will give me something to blog about 🙂
    3. I’m on maternity leave for a long time and I’m enjoying the delights of not working for a while. The freedom is incredible.
    4. I’m reading through blogs and love reading what there people have been up to and what they write about.
    5. Not long until I attend my first Pagan wedding this weekend in the Lake District, I’m excited to see how the ceremony is.

  6. This is fun! Here’s mine right now.
    1. 3 happy, healthy kids
    2. Access to a doctor and medicine when I contract strep throat just 2 days into the school season
    3. A good husband who takes off work to deal with the kids when I need to recover (for the record, I am TOUGH and can work through a lot so this doesn’t have to happen often, but when it does, he is there and I really appreciate it)
    4. Flavored coffee
    5. M&Ms – I don’t drink so this takes the place of wine on my list of needs when mothering 🙂

      • I really love a black and white mocha from Starbucks, but since they are so expensive, I usually stick to french vanilla cappuccino that I make at home or from the local quick mart 🙂 And I love just about any flavor m&ms except the almond. My favorite are the plain though.

      • I sometimes have memories of food I had a long, long time ago.
        French vanilla cappuccino is a drink but it is the same… It suddenly came back to me: I used to mix my weetabix in vanilla flavored cappuccino and eat it as a porridge. The taste of it is in my mouth now and oh how I loved the wonderful smell of it!
        Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😛

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