We Left The Island


Even leaving our home, a five star hotel on a Thai island is a big thing for us. This time we got on a plane and flew to Bangkok for a night. 

But we are back now since this was only a short trip. It is almost midnight here but I wanted to make sure that I do not leave out a day of blogging. 

When you are unsure what to say it is best to rely on your feelings. And that is exactly what I am going to write about in this post.

How do I feel?

I am glad we were able to take this trip. It was fun eating out, walking in Siam Paragon (shopping mall) and we even did a little shopping (we bought Zoárd a jacket that looks similar to a jacket my husband has and I got a pair of running socks – hip hip hurray!!!)

So being GLAD is one feeling I have inside me. I am also a bit sad. I think the way we were in Bangkok was quite normal. And if you ask back: “what is normal?”…. My answer would be blurry and unsophisticated I would say: ” just doing stuff with your loved ones for a whole day seems pretty normal to me”. 

I sometimes wish we could have more of these normal days. I know that being adventurous and open-minded in embracing what ever comes your way has its price. The price is that you live unconventionally. Your lifestyle might even seem abnormal a bit.

I guess I am ambivalent.

How normal is Your life right now?


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