Would You Like More Exciting Pictures?

I received a back handed compliment from a friend of mine. She said I need to work on the subjects of my pictures. She is the type of person who does not email you back for a whole month so I have zero chance of asking back: “what do you mean?!”.

Never the less I will try to get a more useful feedback out of her but like I said she will probably have an excuse for not writing back:
1. She is busy.
2. She can only type with two fingers.
3. She does not have Internet at her home.

Could You help me with your opinion please? Do you think I should take more pictures that show…. (I made categories! HAHA)

City (island) pictures.
For example: this is a shot of Bangkok.

Ena (
http://enabalista.com/) helped me pick out this restaurant called Roast. I had an espresso crepe cake.

Family pictures.
I tried climbing on the statue. I did not realize that it was made of plastic…
So I had to settle for the more conventional posing. HAHA

Daddy – baby pictures.
Preferably with something girly in the background…

Outfit of the day pictures.

Mommy – baby pictures.
That is Zoárd and I in the morning before breakfast…

Pictures of people.
OTHER people… HAHA

Cute pictures.
Zoárd chilling on a duvet. I thought it would be great to choose a hotel with a carpet! We were sneezing and sneezing and sneezing…

ictures that show a bit of the cultural surroundings.
Spirit house to keep away the bad spirits from the shopping mall.


10 thoughts on “Would You Like More Exciting Pictures?

  1. How can one pick from so many great categories? Your boy is to DIE for, so cute and I’m so happy for you. How did you pick his name? I really love it, so beautiful and unique. I think you should pick any picture you believe is beautiful. They always say in photography class…a great photo is captivatingly interesting and makes the audience ask questions and evoke curiosity!

  2. I hope your “friend” never sees the pics on my blog 🙂
    I think your pictures just need to go with your post…nothing specific…whatever you think belongs in your post…
    gotta love those friends with their “constructive criticism”

    • I agree with you that people just love to give out criticism even with a big smile thinking it is candy they are handing over. At the same time, I want to have open ears to those who are outsiders because their opinion is more objective than mine. 🙂

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