I Forgot To Put My Pants On


You see the dress I am wearing? It is not practical for breastfeeding. I took it off while I nursed Zoárd to sleep. 

I was playing around with some of the pictures I took today when I heard: “housekeeping”. 
I pulled away the curtains and started showing with all my body language that even though Zoárd is asleep they should not be shy to come in. 
The guy was the strangest. Zero eye contact. Fine. I know it is not easy stepping in to the general manager’s home. But it is the same scenario over and over again.
Odd that they still cannot loosen up a bit.

After they left, Zoárd woke up and I kneeled down to change his diaper. The diaper needed some scrubbing (cloth diapering…). I walked to the sink and looked in the mirror. Naturally I saw myself in my V-neck nursing top and my underwear because this is what you see if you are not wearing any pants, skirts, SOMETHING to cover yourself up.

Very good: dee mak! It is the perfect behavior expected from the big boss’s wife. Probably the super short dress I had on earlier would have made no difference. Mainly because it was sold as a tank top! HAHA

Is it a coincidence that two hours ago I took a funny picture of Zoárd wearing my shorts on his head? There is Karma for you! 

I originally planed on posting the story of how we picked out Zoárd’s name. I took the spot light from my baby… Oh well… there is always tomorrow.
I think Zoárd loves us with or without pants but I am happy he is not at the age where I would have embarrassed him.

Have you ever stepped out of your home with a facial mask on; in your nightgown or PJs; perhaps without pants on…?



18 thoughts on “I Forgot To Put My Pants On

  1. To answer your question: without pants, plenty of times 🙂 In the winter when you wear stockings underneath it just gets too hot to go inside and wear both. So if I know I’ll head out soon again I just take my pants off. That is comfy enough, so it is lucky I have never made it further than just the door step when the cold hits me and I realise that I have forgotten to put the pants on again. I don’t think have entertained any neighbours so far though (but there has been a husband squealing with laughter a few times).

  2. Haha! Well, I guess that explains why there was no eye contact from the housekeeping staff. Ah, mommy brain…
    I’ve answered the door more than once in a stretched out tank top and no bra (’cause it’s just easier that way). I’ve also been out and about in my pyjamas pants on a few occasions, but I knew I was doing it.

  3. I have walked around in public all too often in just my swim suit and sneakers/tall boots, it’s the latest fashion with swimmers these days ; ] And I’m sure my neighbors have seen me in my underwear all too often…but like mommytrainingwheels said, “I knew I was doing it”! I guess I just don’t care…haha!

  4. I did once answer the door to the cleaning lady with my boob hanging out. I had been nursing Declan and she showed up 2 hours early and I ran to see who it was. I didn’t realize until after she left that I never snapped my bra or pulled my shirt back up!

  5. so, i have a question (almost) totally unrelated to this post: how do you do cloth diapering while living in? do you have a washing machine? do you send diapers to housekeeping? do you have a balcony on which to dry the diapers? (i ask because i want to cloth diaper baby number 2 while living in the hotel, and am looking for practical advice!! we have a washing machine in our apartment, but no balcony, so must dry everything inside, which is sub-optimal but not the end of the world. though I sometimes wonder if i would be brave enough to send wet clean diapers to housekeeping to put in the dryer.)

    • I totally understand why you have these questions in your head.
      We are very protective about our diapers and only gradually allow the staff to help with them time to time.
      We have to walk down to the hotel’s laundry. The hotel only has one washing machine and two driers. Most of the laundry is done by an outside company.
      We can only use the washing machine after 5pm.
      It takes two hours… We go back and we put everything in the drier. For cloth diapers drying them in the sun would be perfect (like in Spain) but because it is so humid here: we don’t stand a chance.
      Housekeeping is asked sometimes to bring the diapers and the inserts up to our room. I stuff them (they are pocket diapers) while Zoárd is playing near me.
      This all sounds nice and easy but here is the full picture:
      My mother sent me many bars of Fels-Naptha (I just saw today that amazon has this as well) and with this I pre-hand wash the diapers that were soiled in.
      Our detergents were brought here by us from Barcelona. I previously emailed BumGenius’s contact service because we mostly use this brand and they sort of told me to use my reasonable thinking if I want to risk using a detergent that is from here. What this mean is they do not guarantee your cloth diapers will last long if you do not use a detergent from their list.
      We brought bottles of Ecover.
      I needed cloth wipes because I did not want to use normal wipes that you can buy here at Tesco. They were shipped to me from my sister who lives in Florida.
      I had many accidents with not having enough inserts for night time (and we do co-sleeping time to time) so I ordered some to my mother’s address (she lives in Michigan) and she went to the post office last week to mail them to me.
      To end my long story short: I get lots of help.
      Please let me know if I can help you in anything.
      It takes a big heart to do this. You must love Mother Earth a lot. (I do to). 😛

      • Thanks so much! This is really helpful.
        I cloth diapered my daughter in Japan, but we didn’t live in, so our apartment had a balcony which made drying easy.
        I also used bum genius (plus a few happy heinies and fuzzybuns) pocket diapers. Probably pretty similar to what you have.
        I’m going to try to cloth diaper this babe, washing things in our apt, and maaaaaaaybe drying in housekeeping if I can manage that, or else I’ll have to have a drying rack permanently set up in the kids’ room.

        Hey, my mum lives in Michigan too! There’s a fantastic cloth diapering store / natural baby store in Ann Arbor called The Little Seedling. I’m pretty sure they deliver. And they were willing to work with me to deliver things to Japan.

        I didn’t end up using the recommended soap for our diapers (couldn’t get it in Japan) but I used a tiny amount of 7th generation baby which I got from Amazon.

        Have you heard of iHerb.com? They deliver all sorts of natural products all over the world. Just fyi

        We used to also have accidents over night too… I started using hemp doubelers which made a great improvement.

        Did you cloth diaper from birth? I did, but found our pocket diapes leaked for the first few months until my kid chunked up. I’m experimenting this time with pre-folds for the first few months. Wish me luck!!!!
        (longest off topic comment ever. haha)

      • Yes, I started cloth diapering from day one. We used g-diapers for newborns. They are good up to 5 kg-s. Since our son was born over 4 kg-s we did not use the g-diapers for a long time but I was able to make use of its inserts for a while and I ended up giving them all away to a pregnant woman who was so grateful(!) It was a splendid feeling.
        After the G-diapers we were using Thirsties size 1. After Zoárd outgrew those as well… We started using BumGenius, FuzzyBunz, AppleCheeks (Canadian) and some Thirsties. They are leaked in the beginning. When they are new you really have to wash them five times at least before using them. And if they are big on the baby they will also leak. In my experience at least.

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