Are You Adult Enough?

Go ahead ask me!
“Are you adult enough?” “Are you RESPONSIBLE?”

I am sure my parenting skills would be questioned no matter where we lived. Questioned but in a curious way. I hope.

Do they give out a different kind of diploma-“for being a good mother” if you live in a strange environment?

How do You handle these situations? I really want to know. Really, really, really.


Situation number 1:
Eating unhealthy food.
I do it time to time. Maybe often now that we moved back in to the hotel.
It is so difficult for me to eat at the restaurant with Zoárd.
The mini bar is small. We have to put the left overs from the previous night in it.
These 2 pies hardly had any room. So I ate most of them for breakfast. Baaaaaaaaaaad!

Situation number 2 already in a question form:
“How do you watch those who need watching while washing your hair?”
Those who need watching… I was very secretive with this…HAHA
I think there was no hot water in the morning.
So I had to wash my hair when I was already dressed. Zoárd was on the floor. Waiting for his new diaper.

Situation number 3:
Fresh air.
It is so freaking hot outside. And I cannot put Zoárd down in the grass. Snakes, scorpions…
Look at the picture again. We are on top of the squash court. This is not real grass…

Situation number 4:
I asked my husband yesterday: what would you do differently if you were me?
He said he would leave the room more often and chat with the hotel’s guests.
So I took his advice out of curiosity to see if it would make a difference in my day.
My pick-up-line was: “could you take a picture of me please?” The couple that I approached took a picture of Zoárd and I using group effort.
And our new friendship ended here.
I feel strange around people who are on a holiday. When I am not on MY holiday. Does this make sense?!

Situation number 5:
I used to be good at focusing on Zoárd. And I am still not horrible but sometimes I wish someone would play with him a little while I do my own things. And I am not proud of having these thoughts when I am actually with him.


18 thoughts on “Are You Adult Enough?

  1. I think it is just normal as a Mum to every now and then have a wish for time where one can just focus on one thing at the time. Or just be 🙂 Btw, I met some Thai parents in NZ who were curios (or horrified but polite?) about us letting our kids crawl on the ground. Apparently that is not done over there, maybe it is because of the scorpions etc that you mentioned?

    • Hm. I will ask around. I am not sure what is the popular belief on crawling. I did notice that everyone around here is surprised to see that I do not put clothes on Zoárd. (Unless it is for a picture… :P)

      I think a lot of mothers do not have the luxury to have a nanny and they have to be with their babies all the time. So I try to keep this in mind.

      Thank you for commenting by the way!!! 🙂

  2. Situation Number 1:Those pies look Really good:) Who would want them to go to waste? I also had cake for breakfast yesterday:) I think everyone eats unhealthy once in a while (some more than others).

    Situation number 2: In these situations you could either wait till your husband gets home and wash your hair at that time, or be creative and do as you did and wash your hair really quickly. In the beginning with Blackberry #2 I would only take a shower after husband got home, because I was afraid the baby would stop breathing while I was in the shower and I wouldn’t hear the monitor.

    Situation number 3: Maybe you could go for a walk early in the morning or late in the evening when it is not so hot. Sorry I don’t think there is a solution for the grass problem:(

    Situation number 4: I think your husband is right. You should get out more. You should try again, maybe this couple was not so friendly, maybe next time you will meet more open people…

    Situation number 5: You are not a bad mother for having such thoughts. You are really doing a good job of taking care of him without any help, but everyone needs a break sometime, and have some alone time:)

  3. I agree with your husband that you need to get out and meet people. Are there any coffee houses you can go to, maybe find locals or people not on vacation. How about the staff at the hotel, spark up convos with them. Yo are not a bad Mom for wanting to have time to yourself away from Zoard. In order to be the best Mom you need to have time alone, finding things and people that interest you.

    • My husband has good intentions but I am on my own with Zoárd. I cannot leave the hotel because I cannot drive. Walking is impossible where we live.
      The locals speak very little English and the gap between us is huge… I will always be looked as a tourist. Staff is very respectful with me but they see me as their boss’s wife.
      My husband was thinking that I could chit chat with the hotel guests.

      You are probably right I need time on my own. For now, it is called “nap time” (when Zoárd sleeps). 🙂


  4. An “exer-saucer” was my savior. I could put my kids in this, and they would play with the attached toys long enough for me to shower or make dinner. I’d even give them a Biter Biscuit in the saucer if I needed more time 🙂

  5. “Questioned but in a curious way”, that’s is how I would like to hope as well. I hope when I question parenting skills, that they don’t feel offended cos really; I am just curious and if it’s a good answer I like to try it myself!

    When it comes to being adult enough… I turn 25 this december but I feel as if Im still 20years old!!!!! I feel so young but I know when I’m around my children I am adult enough ^^ having two children now has made me realize how important it is for me to try and get some time for myself! I always make sure I have time get to the gym or other physical training since this is an interest I keep close to my heart, that is the time when I can only focus on myself and let some stress off ^^

    Also, socializing is hard (or is it just me?) UNLESS! there are other mothers who can relate to your everyday routines! I only have a few friends who really understands how it is being a mother.. and I guess I have friends of quality rather than quantity 🙂

    And I believe if you want to eat unhealthy food that’s alright, as long as you don’t pass on a double-standards attitude towards your child! I am the kind to think that as long as I do something, then I can not tell my children not to do it… like other parents often tell their children “don’t smoke” when they do it themselves… I think children look up to us parents and what we do is basically “right” in their eyes 🙂

    !!HA!! what a comment, it is like a post! sorry K!

    • I love long comments, don’t worry!
      I have been meaning to ask you: who is your babysitter while you go to the gym?
      In friendship quality matters -absolutely!
      I have to stop eating pies for breakfast – it is not something I want Zoárd to see in the future. 😛

      xoxo, Eszter

      • i always wait for vincent to come home from work. I either go before or after 🙂 our son is so good that I can leave him with his daddy for an hour. and also he sleeps so long that when I come back from gym, he’s still asleep ;D Haha, no pies for breakky might not be so healthy 😉 xx

      • Yesterday we tried out the same thing you are talking about. My husband stayed in our hotel room with Zoárd for half an hour while I did my cardio in the gym and then they came down to keep me company and to check if I am doing everything correctly with the machines.

        The pie thing is very bad…I do not do that everyday but still… 😛

  6. As a mom who has stayed home with 3 kids for 8 years, I can tell you that it is perfectly normal to want to get some time away, especially when you can’t get anything done easily anymore (insert hair washing here – most days I am lucky if remember to take a shower – you can’t smell me, right? haha)! It sounds like it’s just you and your husband where you are (same with me) and it gets tough when your whole world HAS to revolve around a tiny person. Of course you love him and cherish the moments, but it’s ok to wish for more. That’s probably why your husband said to get out more. Mine tells me the same thing, even though it is easier said than done and no one can understand what you are going through unless they have actually done it themselves.

    I can only imagine what it must be like in another country with new customs and ways of handling things. I am enjoying reading about your adventures in Thailand though. Just wait until your baby starts walking. That’s when the real fun begins! 🙂 And I mean that both sincerely and sarcastically. Hang in there!

    • Thank you! You are very sweet to comment in such length.
      You know I love my husband and his good intentions but some things are easier said.
      Last night I told him that Zoárd is not keen on taking naps in the afternoon anymore. Which means I cannot go to the gym. He said from today (it is morning here) he will be with Zoárd for 45 minutes from 5 pm. He gave me tips how to start exercising that can fit in to a quarter of an hour. I am curious…

  7. What a good read! I also feel so selfish when I want time for myself … But in reality I don’t “want” the me time, I NEED the me time. I constantly have to reassure myself me time is okay and the kids dont have to eat healthy 100% of the time – I didnt and I turned out fine! Hang in there!!!!!!!! You are a good Mom!

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