How To Dress Boys – Men Of The Future

I am excited about this “fashion” post of mine.
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I wrote about this idea of mine at the beginning of this post:

Back to how to dress boys…

If the question is how should I dress my baby (my son in this particular case). My answer is the same you can hear many times here in Thailand:
“It is up to you!”. Followed by a big, genuine smile.

Now that we live on an island where the weather is always hot. Zoárd has very little clothes on.  If you are interested to see a picture of him in his cloth diapers I suggest you look at this post:

So back to the world of how to dress…
I hope my son will understand that even though the world of fashion can be confusing it is fun once you master it…


You can always go with dressing as a bear. My personal recommendations are: polar bear and koala.


A safe solution for all times is elegance.


I think it is great when you will hear people talk about you and look at your outfits with great interest


As I keep saying: “bring those colors out!”


Even when you are sleeping… Colors will make colorful dreams…


Your confidence comes within you. If you are a real MAN you do not need to prove to the world how macho you are.
Do not be afraid to put on a light cardigan… And you are never too young to accessorize..
Your daddy will recommend a watch I think…




I think dressing similarly as your loved ones time to time is a real fun. Do not ever listen to those who say this will make you loose your identity… That is just silly!



In Project Runway (designers compete with one and other) Michael Kors (one of the judges of this Tv show) said with irony: “how practical”.
Well  even if not always, but dressing in a practical way can be amongst your priorities when travelling. Loose fitted and warm clothes work the best.


Never be afraid to experiment!!!



38 thoughts on “How To Dress Boys – Men Of The Future

    • Thank you so much!
      When Zoárd was 4 months old I sent out pictures to friends and family. And many wrote back: “the number one favorite is the one with Zoárd in a suitcase”. 🙂

  1. I love ur photos!! It is true, your son looks good in everything 😉 you have great taste!!
    It is so hard for me to find “fashion” for my son, they have so little clothes for boys!!! As where girls fashion cover 90% of the store area, men and boys department are pushed in the corner of the shops haha..

    • Oh come on! Some of my most cherish baby clothes are Swedish. And the bodysuit that matches my top (blue panther print) was ordered from Sweden. The company is called boobdesign… 😛

      • haha really?! I always thought Swedish was weak on the fashion front ^^ but that might be because I live here! I love shopping in England, they have loads! I have a favourite brand here in sweden though, it is called Polarn o. pyret! 😀 i believe I need to get out there and seek new shops for boys clothes ^^

      • Yes, that is the brand I was thinking about! I bout two bodysuits from Polarn O. Pyret when Zoárd was younger. I ordered them to my mother’s house in the US from amazon but they charged so much for shipping it was insane. If you buy something from them make sure to take pictures for me! I am so jealous! HAHA

  2. Very cute!
    And then they grow up…my youngest prefers to wear all one color—the monochromatic man–so I still pick his clothes out for school—he even has an “ugly clothes” drawer that he can only wear on the weekends 🙂

    • I know I said it but I LOVE your creative organizing skills! Ugly clothes drawer?! Seriously?! I LOVE IT!!!

      What are the “one colors” we are talking about? 😛

      By the way at what age do you have to stop choosing the clothes for your children?

  3. You have good dress sense! I love the picture and wonder how you take it with your baby sleeping under the wardrobe! Btw, I just liked your facebook page with my personal acct! Hope you can like mine too! 🙂

  4. Great Photos! Beautiful family!

    When my first son was born, I went out and bought tons of cute clothes that he quickly grew out of. Luckily I saved them because I knew I wanted another boy. So, my second had a ton of cute clothes he too grew out of all too soon.

    Now that they are both off and running, they are 5 and 2, I buy them items here and there. What I learned about boys is that they love to slide on their knees and get dirty. My 5 year old just started kindergarten so I ran out and bought him new sneakers. For me, as long as their shoes are good, their day to day clothing (except for special occasions and outings) just have to match and be clean. LOL.

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