What To Buy Babies?


Get a ball for your baby and let us move on! -just joking. Though I did buy a lot of balls for Zoárd. My husband was a professional basketball player…


Enough bragging. 

I like themed topics. I like to look at the shopping basket of others. I even say in my head: “oh, I would live with you”, ” oh no, I would starve in your home”.

So I am interested in what others are buying for their babies.

If you wish to add your list in the comments feel free to do so.

Here are all the things I bought for Zoárd. If I bought something in many colors I probably only pinned one to show an example.

This is Danielle’s board ( from: http://aweenest.wordpress.com/ )

Elle was also kind enough to share her board (from: http://an-ayla-a-day.com/)

Fanni sent her recommendations as a list and I am a bit worried about this one…
Her blog is:  http://theblackberryboys.wordpress.com/
Her list is… Sorry I do not know how to copy a long pdf file in to my blog. I tried. Fanni if you read this please make a pinterest board or comment with a link.

OK I need a rest. HAHA


15 thoughts on “What To Buy Babies?

  1. Oh. My. Gosh! That is a fantastic photograph. The lighting is great, and the colors on the blanket and the red of the ball are wonderful. He is just beautiful. I love that you caught him with his tongue out!

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