Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 3/ – Show That Titi Outfit Of The Day

I am not going to put the word “titi” among the tags for this post -that is for sure. HAHA
I know, I know I was the one to pick this provoking title for my post to begin with…

Here is the deal. I do not want to bite off more than I can chew. All week I took notes to make sure I get everyone down who will participate in this week’s photo challenge. I am not going to check on you guys one by one (though I could not resist sending out reminders).
To start out with, I might be fast asleep by the time you will make your post because of the time difference. If you said you are in I take it you are in. I am happy to share a link to your blog!

Here are my pictures for both category:

In our world there are only working days. My husband does not have a day off. There are no weekends in a five star hotel. So I cannot say “I only dress up nicely on the weekends” or “I only have real outfits on the weekdays”. It is up to me really. I never stay naked that is what I can tell you. HAHA

And to do it like the pro-s…
My shorts are from: lynaround (they have a funky website if you are interested).
My top is from lee (as in Lee Cooper but the little boutique that did not make it for more than a year in Budapest just had the sign “Lee” above the shop).

This is the only way Zoárd eats. We started giving him solids BLW style which means he only played with the cooked vegetables placed in front of him. It will take him a while to understand that he can put the food in his own mouth.

More information on this method can be read here.

As for the photo challenge I have more baby topics for the next 5 weeks. And we can also do outfit of the days on these Saturdays. Leave a comment letting me know if you are in for next week so I can share the link to your blog.

Baby topics
5th of October – Love That Outfit
12th of October – Sleeping
19th of October – Unsuspecting Subject
26th of October – Posing
2nd of November – hey that is my BIRTHDAY!!! Anyways Out & About is the topic.

If you are wondering what were the previous topics and what I shared….
week 2 of the weekend photo challenge
week 1 of the weekend photo challenge

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Living in a Hotel and Some Random Facts About It

I am having a blogger’s crises. I feel I cannot keep up. I would need to nominate 18 bloggers if I have counted it right and I am overwhelmed by it all. 

Tomorrow I will only read blogs and take notes.

What I can do for now is thank the two lovely moms for nominating me. (One Lovely Blog Award & Liebster Award). Please check out their blogs if you haven’t done so.

The random facts about me will have to be in connection with the fact that I am living in a hotel. Why?! Because this is what I came up with to make it more interesting. Ready?

An Australian tv company was shooting at our hotel for a couple of days. Zoárd will be in the shots showing the playroom for children and I did a few minutes of yoga to show off the yoga studio. I miss yoga. 

I stopped shopping for clothes for myself because I really have more than enough. I looked in to the mirror (the mirror of -be honest with yourself) and what I found was a question: “did I just buy this outfit for Zoárd?!!”

Still staying at the clothes topic. I tend to wear stuff that maybe I should not wear. 
The top you see is a dress: a maternity dress I wore when I was 40 weeks pregnant with Zoárd. Would you like to see a picture of that as well? OK hold on please…
The shorts that make my husband blush (because I am still wearing it) was given to me by my mother as a PJ set when I was 13 years old. I will be 34 years old in 37 days. Start counting! HAHA


Many times this is what happens once we finally leave the hotel to grab something from the supermarket…

I end up sitting in the car in a lovely parking lot… Yes, this IS irony…

Respectful parenting asks the parents to kindly prepare a space that is suitable for the little one to play in peacefully without interruptions.  Zoárd was peaceful on the hard floor next to the carefully arranged safe place… HAHA

My wrist hurts and my cloth diaper duties are not helping. But it is something that is part of my every day life and the staffs of this hotel are being super nice about the whole process of washing them. I hand wash them but that is the pre-part of it…
My husband or I take the dirty ones down to an office that has a washing machine which we can use after five pm. We used to go back two hours later to put the diapers in the dryer. The housekeeping staff understands this part now and they also bring them up to our room the next day. I have to stuff them since we are using pocket diapers. 

It is really hard for me to write without using pictures but I will give it a try… I need to answer 11 specific questions. I will give you the answers you can guess what the questions were. Fair enough, isn’t it?

I can’t drive slow nor fast. My talent is being supportive. I know it is a lame answer but I do not have talent talents! There. I said it. Last night I ate a bowl of potato cream soup with scrambled eggs. (Yes, I can order anything from the hotel’s kitchen… Why you ask?!)
I have no idea where our next vacation will be and I haven’t traveled without Zoárd. I prefer the summer. Easy: vanilla ice cream. I am allergic to chocolate. I like to sing I Have A Dog His Name is Ben… A book by Tim Lott. I started blogging in July. MY favorite post of mine is….

I have a question for YOU!
How do you feel about this whole award sharing business? Anyone have mixed feelings about it?


Shrink Me Monday – I Hate The Way I Look

I haven’t done a Shrink Me Monday for a while now. The last one was a month ago…

Today I received an email from someone who feels very unhappy about the way she looks. 

As I psychologist I would always have the option to say to my patients or to anyone: “inner beauty is all that matters”. This is something you might expect from a shrink. 

I am not this type. A couple of days ago someone was telling me that “looks are not important”. She was talking about her boyfriend. Well… I am sure glad I am not her boyfriend…

I believe you can be more satisfied with yourself if you are in good terms with your body. And this to me does not equal with “accept what you look like and sit back”.  

My original plan was not to hand out simple advice. I also promised to talk about myself, staying within the topic. So here it goes: 

I find my hair horrible.
After giving birth my weak, fine hair became even weaker. Broke in to hundreds of pieces and these broken hairs stick out of my head. Enough said. Let the pictures do the talking…

This is me after I washed my hair this morning. Not a pretty sight I think we can all agree.
Additional information: I do not have a hair brush. = I do not brush my hair.

I do not have a lovely collection of hair bands but I thought maybe some of you do and this could be a nice idea… Well… It is not the look I would go for… Let’s try something else…

Braiding some of your hair on the top can look cute. I still look like a cocker spaniel but maybe from a different angle…

The point is: I did something. And even a little effort can help (though a big effort is so much more effective – in my case: I am taking the focus OFF my hair with my make-up… sneaky, huh?!)

I used to wear my hair like this after a major break-up. I used different colors that matched my outfits. I like being matchy-matchy. Anyways, this was symbolic for me at the time. At the time I was so sad that I felt that this was my way of trying to squeeze out some color from what was left of me.

This is the braided version. Less hippy like or so I think. HAHA

The unicorn hairdo. My signature hair style. The bobby pin can be more hidden…

Similar but my hair is pulled up.

This is from the side. If you were wondering… HAHA

If you are still awake. Let me tell you this is a big favorite of mine but I need to ask for more bobby pins for my birthday because with the 3 I have this is not always as nice as I would like it to look…

As you can see my hair did not become healthier but at least I tried to do something to make me feel better…

I could not resist sharing this picture… Zoárd is 4 days old here! See my hair? If this were a quiz: which picture shows me with the same kind of hairdo?
Just kidding….

Any thoughts on the topic?

Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 2/ Favorite Toy and Outfit of My Day

It would be nice if others would join in…hint hint… This week’s photo challenge is to show your little one with his/her favorite toy.

Sarah already posted her photo:

And Fanni will join in a few hours from now. Her blog is:

If You are interested to join in leave a comment. If you would love to join in but with a more adult like topic. How about sharing your outfit of the day every Saturday for 6 weeks? I am very liberal. Anyone can be part of the FUN! HAHA

This is my outfit for today. And I welcome any suggestions on how to make pictures as such where you are actually in the picture head to toe without an assistant. My poor toes are missing from this one… HAHA

As for Zoárd it all began when he was 3 months old… He enjoyed BOOKS:

I wasn’t kidding! Look at his face!

Even if you tempt him with other toys… many times he will pick up a book.

Soft books are easy to handle.

But he doesn’t always go for “easy”…

Books can really make him joyful.

Really, really joyful!

I took this picture today to prove my point: Zoárd LOVES books.

Next Saturday the photo challenge is on EATING. I think if you are brave enough you can even take a picture of yourself in your outfit of the day while eating…

Back From Bangkok

We left the island and our current home (a five star hotel my husband runs) to spend two nights in Bangkok. 

I love business trips that Zoárd and I can tag along. This particular one was superb! So many things happened to Zoárd for the very first time. It was exciting to witness it all!

My husband and I had to come up with a plan to change our diets after this trip ended. I will share some details on that as well.

We have been to Bangkok at least 15 times. Bangkok is huge, lively and you can see many interesting things. Sadly, the air pollution is so horrible it is wise to stay indoors. 

It is not a baby friendly city. My husband had to carry our strollers up stairs a dozens of times each day. We tried to use our baby carrier as an alternative but everything is only a success story for a while. At least with Zoárd.

This was taken at a mall after Zoárd’s nap. He was satisfied with his situation at the time. We were trying to find an HTC case for my husband. People spend so much money on gadgets here. You would think: “who doesn’t?!” Fair enough but Thai-s do not earn as much as Westerners and they take a bank loan so it is not surprising to see staff with similarly good cell phones as my husband’s. Which is just something that I find interesting. 

What I  noticed in Asia (Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia) is that you do not have to blush to have your picture taken with large stuffed animals. Which is good news for me!

I was explaining to my husband that someone we know was complaining about small things in relation with a hotel room. And there was a period when I did the same. Reflecting on it I would say it is the syndrome of “being wealthy for five minutes already and you think nothing is good enough for you”. I am glad I can see this now and I started to appreciate again the hotels we stay in. 

I placed the duvet on top of the carpet and Zoárd loved it. These two pictures really happened at the same time. I was sitting on the sofa looking at my boys reading. I felt great!

Zoárd had a nice time in the hotel for sure!

We took him for a swim which we never do at our hotel.

My husband was very confident about our pool adventure and after a few minutes I stopped thinking about pigeons bathing in this city pool.

Zoárd also had his first shower!

And he sat up! So Baby Led Weaning is around the corner. 

We were having lunch at Hyatt Erawan and a waitress asked us if we wanted a high chair for Zoárd. Our answer used to be no thank you, he cannot sit with self-control. This time we said yes so Zoárd sat in a chair for the very first time! It was awesome to watch him!

We do not mind spending money on food but with clothes it is a different matter. Especially since I told myself I will not shop clothes for a good while. I am already passed a quarter of a year so I am taking it seriously! However, I could not resist trying on this beanie even if it was for men. I liked it but it was over a 100 dollars! Hm. No thank you!

Mos Burger. It’s Japanese, it’s fast food. I became a vegetarian because of fast food! I used to flip burgers. But when you are at a shopping mall hungry as a beast sometimes you go for the easiest lunch option. A lettuce fish burger! I ate it without cheese, without onions, without mayo. Like I said: lettuce fish burger!

After you see my other Japanese inspired lunch you will think I have an Angel and a Devil inside my head when it comes to picking out my meals. And you are right.

I would love to explain to you what a pig I am (when the devil inside my head wins) but I want this story to be short. I can eat lots of desserts. And it is not cool anymore! This is a cheddar cheese and honey toast with ice cream.

Resolution: no more desserts in Thailand. My husband is joining me on this.  

Do you feel you have to be radical with some things in order to stop yourself from doing an act that you would be ashamed of later?

What It’s Like To Live in a Hotel IV – Would You Like To Beat The Boss?

If you just started reading my blog, let me welcome you! Welcome!

As you can see the title of this post this is not the first time I write about our adventures on this Thai island we live on.
Here is my first post on the matter:

This is even shorter:

If you are curious about the island outside the hotel than you might be disappointed because we do not get out much except for the time when we went to…

This last one has a sad tone in the beginning…

Oops. I found another post. 

As for today’s post. I will share with you a little secret. This hotel my husband runs is like a gigantic family. You need to initiate some time for laughter to make all members of the family happy.

My husband organized a running competition two years ago and now was the right time to repeat it. I was surprised to see that only a few boys dared to compete against him. The price was very high for the winner: all you had to do is run up to the very top of the hotel. Oh and out-run my husband.
But he is old! I can joke with this, he is younger than me by a year and a half… HAHA

Zoárd and I were ready to watch the big race.

They were super fast. 

This is only the “easy part” of the mountain… 

You can see the winner on the left and Zoárd’s grand uncle on the right. 

We are flying to Bangkok tomorrow early in the morning. If you are still in the mood to read more of my past posts. You can see some pictures of our last trip to the capital:

This will explain our trip to Bangkok:

xoxo, Eszter


Weekend Photo Challenge : /Week 1/ Cuddly And More…

I am trying to do this the right way.  Sarah even sent me a print screen of how this should look like. Sarah’s blog is http://journey2dfuture.wordpress.com/ and that is where I read about the photo challenge which will go on for 8 weeks. 

I am not so good at following rules but at the same time I like to take it seriously when others initiate a game. Playfulness is important for me. And though I never really belonged to a community or a group of people it is something I desire.

I was very happy to read the themes for this project. Cuddling is the title for this Saturday. I am in LOVE with my boys and moments as such are very precious to me.

OK. Where is the twist?

I am not sure whether I am supposed to stop at this point or not… I would like to share other things I did this morning…

I researched on a couple of things.
One was a question I had about a facial expression that Zoárd picked up a couple of days ago. Now I know that it is called scrunching.


We found this cute and funny but as a psychologist I tend to be analytical at times: I started to think what if something is bothering him.  It was hard to find info on this because I thought sniffing might be a good keyword…

If you want to see very cool people who tried to copy childhood pictures and poses you will love this collection: http://imgur.com/a/e0iIj

What else did I do? We are a bit indecisive on how to create a free space for Zoárd in our hotel room where we live in.


The floor might be an excellent quality but it rubs your skin off if you happen to be a commando type of crawler. (I just looked up the term! Babies who drag themselves forward with their arms while their belly is on the floor. This was my side note. HAHA)

I am trying to put our few soft belongings on the floor to protect Zoárd but this is the second day we are experimenting with this because I know that it is not ideal.

If you are wondering why there is a hug bag bundle next to Zoárd on the picture… Housekeeping does our laundry (except for our beloved cloth diapers) and I let Zoárd play with it supervised. Is it dumb to let his little fingers get used to touching bags which are a source of hazard? 

Next topic! 
We live in a five star hotel but I haven’t used its spa since we came back to the island. I only leave Zoárd with his daddy after 5 for an hour when I use the gym. So my only chance would be to ask for someone to come up to our room from the spa at nap time… I tried twice now but the spa was always busy and we do not believe in flashing the wild card: “I am your boss’s wife!”.

I am really bad at doing things that involve being good with your hands but I managed to paint my nails after a year of not having nail polish on. This calls for a celebration! Right?!

PS: many times I order thin noodles with scrambled eggs and tomatoes. That is what you can see on my plate. What?! What would You order from the kitchen if you were a picky vegetarian?!

Before I finish this post. Since I think this turned out to be a baby related post… I have a question. 

Is it OK to let a baby play with your tennis shoes? No, not a brand new pair…


Come Closer: I Promise This Will Be Fun


Zoárd and I thought a lot about the situation. Let me make sure there is no misunderstanding: I am not complaining about receiving more awards I just needed to get creative in order to prevent becoming boring…

A big thank you to Kerry! I highly recommend visiting her blog.

Are you ready for random facts about me in the form of collages?! (This is what Zoárd and I came up with.) How do you like the idea? Were you expecting it?!

I am not keen on people taking pictures of me out of the blue.
I rather have them say: “1, 2, 3 and cheeeese…”

I think dressing similarly started when I was curious what would a team of psychologists say if they would see me and my husband in the same green polo shirt (my husband came to my work place for some reason…).

I am allergic to cocoa powder. Yes, that means no chocolate for me. So going to a cafe always means I have to look firmly at the person taking our orders…
“Please don’t decorate my dessert with chocolate.”
“White chocolate is also chocolate.”
“Congratulations, that you know a coffee latte does not come with cocoa powder on top. Why did I make you blush by asking you not to sprinkle my drink with cocoa? Honey, I had to make sure you did not flunk that part of your barista training.”

his is very typical of me. I once made a whole collection of pictures with me and Penguin. Why? For Fun, Party Pooper! 

I think people are most likely to talk about serious stuff with me but those who know me better can catch me in moments as these ones…

I used to have an urban jungle that I let grow wild.

I ask for a break before I show you the last 4 collages that actually have a theme and they belong together. 

We first came to this island three years ago but it was not our first time in Thailand. I came up with things to have fun with even then. I started making collages from pictures that were taken in 2006 and 2010. Boy, I never thought I would talk like “old people”… I never finished my project because it always required an “assistant” and it is not so nice to do something “fun” that is a “pain” for the other person. I am not blaming the “other person” by the way. HAHA

The results:


And before this post comes to an end I would like to say two more things:

I am putting my right to nominate others in a special bank. I will use my powers when the right time comes. ( Truth be told, I recently nominated 20 people and the nominating part of my brain needs a rest.)

I will attempt to answer Kerry’s (11) questions in one sentence. Thank you once more for all the lovely awards!!!

Even if not in a straight row but I do get my eight hours of sleep and I start the day with plain yogurt and muesli which would come with freshly squeezed orange juice if I were to ask for my favorite beverage which is something you simply cannot do at a camp so for this reason, I am not a fan of camping and this means a perfect vacation for me is in a city preferably where I have not been to and I would make sure that I could eat simple meals at this place abroad but ones that for some reason I do not know how to cook myself because an extraverted person like myself needs some sort of excitement when travelling probably the opposite of the last book I read by Tim Lott The Invisible which was a nice relaxing read that one can only compare to the kind of melodies I used to play on the piano and speaking of music do not imagine me simply listening to music in my down time while letting a black cat cross the room which I would not mind at all cause I am not superstitious I rather use my brain cells for things as editing pictures and finishing this post.

Pick A Card Any Card You Like

I came up with the questions for those that I nominate for the Liebster Award. However, there is a twist! Anyone who is reading this post please pick a question they are written neatly on cards over here… Answer one question in the comment area. Here is my answer for question 6:


1. What are the 3 brands most of your clothes are from at the moment? /Bonus question: if you have children, what the 3 brands their clothes are mostly from?/

2. If you would have to wear clothes from 1 color for a week which color would that be (it could not be black)?

3. If you could only use 3 items of make-up for a month what would those 3 items be?


4. If a pastry chef would make a dessert symbolizing you what would that dessert be?

5. How would you describe your style (fashion wise)?

6. What poster was on your wall as a teenager?

7. How many skirts do you have?

8. Who is an older person in fashion (still alive) you would not mind looking similar to when you will reach her age?


9. If you would be the star of a fashion shooting and you could pick an animal to be on all your pictures what animal would you pick?

10. Describe your winter coat please!


Please embrace your Liebster Award if I call out your blog:











If you want to see my answers to Áse’s questions check out yesterday’s post:

Fashion, Me and My Award Anxiety

I seriously thought a week passed by since Áse surprised me with a Liebster Award. She not only nominated me (with 9 others) but she was very supportive about my award crises.  HAHA

Check out her blog: aspoonfulofstyle.co.uk


See this picture?! Yeah I know, it is hard to miss!! The Liebster Award coming from Áse means fashion!!! And the rules for this award were so tough that I have been working on this post for days and days. I am nominating 10 bloggers for the same award and 90 percent of them has less than 200 followers (a criteria that made me sweat).

The rules….

  • Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
  • Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

QUESTIONS made up by Áse and my ANSWERS

Why I started blogging?! Because I always need a project of some kind. This is it for now!

Where would you travel to and why? My friend Annie lives in Ireland and Ireland is one of the few countries I have not been to in Europe. So I would like to visit her in her home. What do you think about her house? Do you think it is suitable for a baby to visit in? Why are you hesitating? It is sooo romantic. It has character!

Stop thinking about the house! I am going to answer the third question.


Lipstick or lipgloss?
I took this picture for You! I was trying super hard to look sexy with my painted lips. Are you STILL thinking about Annie’s house?! Fine! I was joking. She does not live in that house. She took a picture of it when she was jogging. Now focus please…
My husband hates lipsticks and he would probably say a very nasty joke about lipglosses that only men would find funny. So I bought lip pencils and chopsticks. Great story! I know. HAHA

Which scent do you wear? I don’t. But I still smell nice, no worries!

If I were invisible for a day I would follow couples and families who look interesting and I would listen in on their conversations. And if I were in their home let’s say I might do something nice for them while I am there eavesdropping.

The one thing I value the most in others is being RELIABLE.

What is your most treasured possession? My Furla bag.

Do you prefer to shop online or in stores? I am petite so shopping for myself is not fun at all. But once I find something I fancy I like to have more and more of it in different colors. So from that point on I embrace online shopping. I shopped a crazy amount online at isabellaoliver and boobdesign. For Zoárd I had a Zutano-fever.

Who are your fashion icons?
I think petite women inspire me like Lucy Liu and Audrey Tautou but if I would have to name someone who influenced the fashion industry than it would have to be someone rockin the gypsy style with elegance. Talitha Getty or Ali MacGraw.

What is your favorite outfit at the moment? My grey linen jacket.

I think this post is long enough already. I will publish my list of bloggers I nominate in my next post along with my questions.

Thank you again Áse! I am very happy about my Liebster Award!