5 Minute Game : What Happened?

You deserve to relax… May I invite You to play a fun little guessing game?

I took 5 pictures of Zoárd our 7 months old son. The pictures were taken within 10 minutes.

All You have to do is guess what happened at the time of the picture.

OR I can tell you what happened and you can pair it up with the facial expression. I suggest you do this one…

In order that the events happened:
A. I called Zoárd a Funny Bunny.
B. I washed my teeth in front of him.
C. His dad came home. Plus he thought he had a good chance grabbing my camera.
D. His dad told him that it is time for him to have a diaper on (Zoárd was naked…)
E. Since we live in a five star hotel we order room service. Zoárd still cannot sit up and it is easier this way. He heard someone say “room service”.

Pictures of Zoárd’a facial expressions:






The five facial expressions seen in a collage:

I hope You had fun! Please write your guesses as a comment. Have a relaxing Sunday!


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