Before And After My Award


Char from was kind enough to put me out of my misery. She nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award!

These are the 10 blogs I nominate:

These are the 10 random facts about me:

I have traveled to nearly 30 different countries. My husband and I first came to Thailand as simple tourists.


I am not too good at catching things.

We went to Tokyo for our honeymoon.

As a child I was a tv addict. The last time I owned a tv set was 8 or 9 years ago.

Some say I have an interesting way of dressing up…

I asked my husband to marry me after 6 months of dating. We had our wedding 7 years later at the courtyard of the building we lived in.

Before I got pregnant I took double yoga classes 7 times a week.

I took pictures of myself and of my husband every single day of our pregnancy. I did 40 minutes of swimming until the 38th week.

Zoárd was born in Barcelona. He is a winter baby.

Thank you for taking your time to celebrate my award with me! Thanks Char for the technical help as well… HAHA


36 thoughts on “Before And After My Award

  1. Thank you!

    So you’re a yogi. No wonder you have such an excellent figure. The random facts about you are very interesting.

    I also asked my husband to marry me after 1 year of dating. The actual wedding happened 1.5 years later. 🙂

  2. you’ve done the facts (with photos) in an uber cool way.No doubt it will be copied. Super cool. Love it!
    Thank you for the nomination/award. I am honoured.

  3. I loved reading this post! It is so fun to get to know you better. Also thanks so much for the nomination! I am very excited but I will have to be honest… I have no idea what to do now… this is my first time receiving an award 🙂

    • You have to put the award’s label somewhere on your blog. I did it with appearance – widgets- image something – I put it on the side bar – I pasted the link to the Versatile Bloggers Award where it asked for it. So now the badge is on the side of my blog.
      You also have to nominate ten blogs for this award and you have to write about 10 random facts that are about you.
      Let me know if you need additional help…

  4. Love your outfits! And hey – snap (sort of). I also proposed to my husband a long time before we married (about five years, though – I took the extra two making up my mind 🙂 ).

      • HAHA
        Maybe. 😛

        I had this fixation that I have to propose in natural water. )I think I heard water symbolizes rebirth and who knows what came over me…)
        So we went to a conference to Macedonia which was held right next to a lake. I thought: “perfect!”
        But it was too cold to go inside… so I had to wait another month.
        In Hungary there is a lake called Velence (Venice). I asked my husband to marry me in that lake. By accident I slipped while walking in the water so I asked him while I was “on my knees” but the idea only came spontaneously. I was not planning on “copying men”. 😉

    • Oh I am glad you think this! Yes in some ways my life is full of interesting things but at the same time I spend lots of ours in our hotel room. I guess one can say I live off of extreme situations. HAHA

  5. Thanks for the nom! That’s super awesome! I admire your commitment to working out! I’m trying to get in the habit of regular exercise with this pregnancy, but it’s haaaard to make the time! I feel bad hitting the gym when my kid is at home, you know??

    • When people say: happy mom, happy baby… I am always saying in my head: yeah, yeah, yeah…

      But in this case: it really makes a difference! I feel it not only in my body, in the level of energy that I have but in my mood as well. Exercising is much more than having your nails painted (though I have nothing against a manicure) in my opinion.

      How are you feeling?

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