Choose Your Own Adventure…(Topic)

Sit back! I have 4 topics for you today.

If you would like to read (and see some pictures) of interesting facts about the Thai island I live on with my husband and son please scroll down to TOPIC 1.

If you are in to baby topics. I suggest you find TOPIC 2.Image

I would like to find out more about a topic that is a Westerner trend nowadays. Namely giveaways. Topic 3 will discuss this briefly.
Christine at projectlighttolife picked me to be one of her readers of this month. It is basically about the story of Katan. You might have read it already as a post on Mothers’ Day here. This is Topic 4

Start scrolling!!!


See this breastfeeding dog? I have never seen a dog feed his pup before. Have you? Street dogs are everywhere. You can see them sleeping on the road. They walk around restaurants near the beach. So one must look under the table before sitting down… HAHA

Scooters can be seen all over the island. And if you have a vehicle you need gas. So no matter how tempting these bottles look: they are not for drinking…

This is the second time we moved to Samui. Before the hotel was built (my husband is the general manager of a hotel we live in) we lived in an area that was not encouraging anyone to walk but at least it was not super dangerous to do so. I had to be careful because people driving their scooters or cars were not expecting to see someone walk at the edge of the road. Another thing you have to think about are snakes… If you see a snake it is not the time to take pictures so sorry to disappoint you… But I think this tractor is pretty funny on the road….

This is typical for people to live this way. It was still surprising for me to see the man watching television without underwear on… Yes, go ahead look at the picture AGAIN…

Bananas are common to be seen in gardens. Banana pancakes are very popular teasers in Thailand.

I have nothing smart to say about this shot. I was just fascinated about it. And some think carrying my son must be heavy… HAHA

If you would like to sip on freshly squeezed orange juice do not be surprised to see that the fruits Thai people call orange looks like this.

Geckos are really everywhere. I have a make-up bag and I think a gecko gave birth in it because I keep seeing baby geckos crawl out of it. This is an adult gecko (on the picture).


I am OK with having people touch Zoárd. They can even hold him if I am in a good mood (just kidding…). But I cannot imagine anyone babysit for me. My husband started looking after Zoárd a couple of days ago. I go to the gym while he is with him for 60-80 minutes. I feel very good about it but having someone else outside of our family of three babysit for Zoárd makes me shiver.
I would love to hear some comments about this. I am particularly interested in when You guys started to feel more relaxed about having a babysitter. How did you do the hiring? How did you make sure the strange who became your babysitter can be trusted?


I have no pictures for the giveaway topic. I have lots of questions though!
I always feel it is a bit of a devilish thing. Yes, I am seriously talking about giveaways. They make me get all excited. I imagine how I might be the lucky one! At the same time I feel it is wrong what I am doing. First of all, I do not need the prices I am trying to win. If I really, really need something I probably already have it.

I spend too much time with giveaways. I become a robot looking for “words of the day” and commenting on blogs about what patterns I like (concerning the giveaway product). I like and follow people who are really strangers who I will never have a conversation with. Not even a short one!

And I never win. Do You? What do you think about giveaways? Are there little tricks on how you can raise your chances to win? Here I go again…fantasizing about winning… HAHA


Actually for this topic I already gave you two links. I am happy to be one of the readers of the month but at the same time it feels like I am trying to take extra credit for the help we were able to give Katan. And it is really not about this. I like competitions. I like to read on blogs: hey, if you have something to say about this and this email me! Getting back to Topic 3 a little bit: I think with a giveaways I have a hard time knowing that I cannot control who wins and who doesn’t. With projects like this one I have control over what and how I share something about me. When something I said is being published by another person I feel that it was up to me. It was not up to Mr. LUCK.

Anyways, I hope you found at least one topic that you enjoyed reading. See you next time!


41 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure…(Topic)

  1. I’m moving to the Philippines in October and I will have a nanny for my 1 year old daughter. We haven’t found a nany for her, but I’m sure it will be like a long lost family friend or something hehe. we will also be living in my aunts house so there will be a lot of eyes and ears on her. It is also very common in the Philippines to have nannies. but if I were to like live alone or something.. and the nanny has to stay with my daughter alone… noppers I wont go for that. thats scary

    • Thank you for sharing this with me. Do you have an idea how you will start looking for a nanny? Will it be with the help of your aunt? Or are you going to advertise the position? Will you write blog posts about your adventures in the Philippines???

      xoxo, Eszter

  2. Hey! I am loving your interesting posts and pictures! I just dream myself off to Thailand! I would love to go there at least once in my life! (maybe our next holidays is destined to be Thailand?;P)
    I come from the Philippines and I can defitely relate to everything you have to say about Thailand (except for the oranges) But geckos, dogs are everywhere!
    But I have not seen bottled gas but as samui is a rather small island I guess it is more normal there 😀

    And how great that you can find time to hit the gym!! When it comes to Maleiah and babysitters, I am strict to only have my mother (if it is longer hours) and my two best friends (if it’s just for an hour). But other than that I don’t let anyone watch her or Noah. And also I have not once in Miias life let her slept over at someone elses house. She sleeps only under the same roof as I 🙂 I wouldn’t let strangers or acquaintances watch her, not for a minute! It is a privilege to have someones trust about watching their children ^^

  3. Thailand looks fascinating! It’s on my bucket list! I have some friend who just moved there as well! I’ve never been that Far East, but hoping too! Thanks for sharing a little of your world!

    • Choose Your Own Adventure is the name of a book series (for teenagers). When you are reading the book you can choose for example:
      If you want to see what is in the big, blue house turn to page 46.
      But if you want to go around the house and see what is in the forest go to page 38.
      I remembered this book somehow…
      Anyways, you can read all the topics since they are not too long… (first ones have pictures… 😉 )

      • i worked in an orphanage

        Two TOTALLY different countries and it’d be like comparing vodka with wine 🙂

      • I could listen to you for ages telling me of your experience in the Thai orphanage… very interesting!

        OK, OK… I know you love Thailand so it was probably not fair of me to ask you to pick which one you like better Italy or Thailand…

  4. Wow! That’s a big post – 4 topics!
    Interesting stuff about Thailand. I could hear/see more!
    Babysitters – the eldest had a bit of separation anxiety. He was ok-ish at nearly four when he went to school, and with his grandparents before then (obviously not often living in a different country).

    The second one is more relaxed and I now have someone who looks after her while I’m at work. I hired her directly from a friend who was moving out of Singapore and no longer needed the childcare. They’re used to each other now but she doesn’t really stay with anyone else. I feel more comfortable once they can talk properly about their day.

    Giveaways – I don’t like them. Like you, they are only ever a waste of time for me! And sometimes the blatant marketing turns me off.

    • My present feelings about the babysitter topic tells me that what you are saying is a good compromise: to wait until the child can actually speak.

      I should really stop entering or even looking at giveaways!!!!!

      Thanks for all your comments…

  5. Hahaha! Oh no, but funny how a geko may have given birth in your make up bag! We have them here where I live too. I know what you mean about breast feeding dogs too! We bred Houdini ourselves (he was one of 10) and I’ve never seen anything like it!

  6. Ayla was first baby sat when she was about 8 weeks, but it was a friend we know. We dropped her off at the friends place then went out, then came back and picked her up. It was scary, but I knew she is good with babies. I would be very scared to leave Ayla with someone in a foreign country though!

  7. First off, I thoroughly enjoy your blog! Thanks for posting about your life in Thailand. I have always wanted to go so your posts are giving me a glimpse of what its like there.

    Secondly, I too am very protective over my children. I TRUST NO ONE! My mom (when she visits from Virginia) and my sis (when she visits from NYC) are the only ones I comfortably let babysit for my children. I have left them with close family friends who have children their ages and who have proven themselves to treat my kids as their own, but those instances are very rare and mostly when I simply must have an hour or two alone.

    My recently turned kindergartener used to go to Pre-School and day care and I only trusted them 80%. Even in those environments, I was nervous. My two year old will start day care for a few hours twice a week very soon and the nervousness will start for my “baby.”

    Having children is very stressful. Fun, but hard and stressful at the same time!

  8. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog!! I really appreciate the comment!

    It’s my sister and boyfriend that take my pictures for me. All the “artsy” looking ones are taken by my sister, my boyfriend is more of a point and shoot kind of photographer, haha

    I take all pictures of food, decor ect….

    Hope you visit again soon 🙂

  9. You definitely keep your posts interesting! I used to love choose your own adventure books as a kid/teenager. I haven’t been to Thailand yet, but it looks similar to parts of Mexico and Central America, especially the stray dogs, sadly. Friends of our brought a stray home to Vancouver from Mexico. She’s a very happy well-adjusted dog. That makes me happy. Happy weekend to you!

    • Wow! What a story! Someone brought a dog back from their vacation?! Hm. Unique!

      I looked at some images of the series of Choose Your Own Adventure books and realized how sci-fi looking they were. It surprised me because I was a big fan like you but I never considered myself a science fiction lover…if that makes sense…

  10. I am in love with your initial picture with the dog and the aqua and light orange wall. I love the lackadaisical pose of the dog and the lines. I like that the picture is bright and vivid but not overwhelming, and I really love the still softness of it. i dont know what the weather was like, but in the photograph it seems like there wasn’t a breeze to be felt anywhere. Just gorgeous!

  11. Ok I read more than T1.
    What I learnt until now, 10 facts:
    1. In your land you drive on the left side
    2. Free running dogs are peaceful?
    3. there are more Scooters in Thailand than in Germany
    4. you’re a Baby maniac 😉
    5. the gecko in your bag is living in real life on your right arm.
    6. you Shot some or all Picz with your mobile.
    7. you can see underwearless man watching tv. In Germany the People are caged in houses. Perhaps they are underwearless too? I don’t know.
    8. oranges are green
    9. there’s Never Rain
    10. my school english has not getting better the last 25 years. I have to do something for it.

    • You are practicing your English while commenting on my blog. 🙂

      Yes, in Thailand they drive on the “other side”. I cannot drive unfortunately on ANY side…

      The street dogs attack people sometimes. And they can carry diseases so if a street dog bites you have to go to hospital even if your injury is small.

      Cars are getting popular because the credit systems here are crazy. And this year Thai people are buying cars because the government encourages it…

      I love Zoárd and I want only the best for him. 🙂

      I had gecko Henna tattoos a few time and I thought I am doing something very cute. Later I found out that Thai people hate geckos. To them it is like having a cockroach tattoo…

      The pictures in topic 1 were taken with my mobile three years ago when I did a lot of walking.

      The man without pants is pretty extreme even here I think.

      Oh there us rain! Have you heard of monsoons?

      I have to go because Zoárd is teething I think and he is screaming a lot today…

  12. Love this idea for a post! So much fun! Regarding giveaways, I enter them from time to time and actually won a couple last year. I won some books that I was planning to read anyway. It was super unexpected and super fun. Good luck! 🙂

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