Come Closer: I Promise This Will Be Fun


Zoárd and I thought a lot about the situation. Let me make sure there is no misunderstanding: I am not complaining about receiving more awards I just needed to get creative in order to prevent becoming boring…

A big thank you to Kerry! I highly recommend visiting her blog.

Are you ready for random facts about me in the form of collages?! (This is what Zoárd and I came up with.) How do you like the idea? Were you expecting it?!

I am not keen on people taking pictures of me out of the blue.
I rather have them say: “1, 2, 3 and cheeeese…”

I think dressing similarly started when I was curious what would a team of psychologists say if they would see me and my husband in the same green polo shirt (my husband came to my work place for some reason…).

I am allergic to cocoa powder. Yes, that means no chocolate for me. So going to a cafe always means I have to look firmly at the person taking our orders…
“Please don’t decorate my dessert with chocolate.”
“White chocolate is also chocolate.”
“Congratulations, that you know a coffee latte does not come with cocoa powder on top. Why did I make you blush by asking you not to sprinkle my drink with cocoa? Honey, I had to make sure you did not flunk that part of your barista training.”

his is very typical of me. I once made a whole collection of pictures with me and Penguin. Why? For Fun, Party Pooper! 

I think people are most likely to talk about serious stuff with me but those who know me better can catch me in moments as these ones…

I used to have an urban jungle that I let grow wild.

I ask for a break before I show you the last 4 collages that actually have a theme and they belong together. 

We first came to this island three years ago but it was not our first time in Thailand. I came up with things to have fun with even then. I started making collages from pictures that were taken in 2006 and 2010. Boy, I never thought I would talk like “old people”… I never finished my project because it always required an “assistant” and it is not so nice to do something “fun” that is a “pain” for the other person. I am not blaming the “other person” by the way. HAHA

The results:


And before this post comes to an end I would like to say two more things:

I am putting my right to nominate others in a special bank. I will use my powers when the right time comes. ( Truth be told, I recently nominated 20 people and the nominating part of my brain needs a rest.)

I will attempt to answer Kerry’s (11) questions in one sentence. Thank you once more for all the lovely awards!!!

Even if not in a straight row but I do get my eight hours of sleep and I start the day with plain yogurt and muesli which would come with freshly squeezed orange juice if I were to ask for my favorite beverage which is something you simply cannot do at a camp so for this reason, I am not a fan of camping and this means a perfect vacation for me is in a city preferably where I have not been to and I would make sure that I could eat simple meals at this place abroad but ones that for some reason I do not know how to cook myself because an extraverted person like myself needs some sort of excitement when travelling probably the opposite of the last book I read by Tim Lott The Invisible which was a nice relaxing read that one can only compare to the kind of melodies I used to play on the piano and speaking of music do not imagine me simply listening to music in my down time while letting a black cat cross the room which I would not mind at all cause I am not superstitious I rather use my brain cells for things as editing pictures and finishing this post.


25 thoughts on “Come Closer: I Promise This Will Be Fun

  1. Nice post with great pictures! I love looking at pictures but who doesn’t? 🙂 You have a very nice looking family. I highly doubt that I am the first person to ever tell you this (and I hope you don’t take offense to this comment) but you look very much like Alyssa Milano! In some pictures it’s almost uncanny, wow!

  2. Look how much fun you are…and I thought I was the only one that jumped on the bed!! I love the matching shirts…I once bought my hubby a plaid shirt and one of his friends made a snide comment, “nice shirt” , I am no longer allowed to but him shirts. I love your jungle garden and wish I was there to take macro pics if them!!

    • So do what do you buy your hubby nowadays?
      My jungle garden had elements that were older than me so it would have been nice to have a pro like you take pictures of it. It had to be taken apart and people took bits of it home when we moved away from Hungary.

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