Shrink Me Monday – I Hate The Way I Look

I haven’t done a Shrink Me Monday for a while now. The last one was a month ago…

Today I received an email from someone who feels very unhappy about the way she looks. 

As I psychologist I would always have the option to say to my patients or to anyone: “inner beauty is all that matters”. This is something you might expect from a shrink. 

I am not this type. A couple of days ago someone was telling me that “looks are not important”. She was talking about her boyfriend. Well… I am sure glad I am not her boyfriend…

I believe you can be more satisfied with yourself if you are in good terms with your body. And this to me does not equal with “accept what you look like and sit back”.  

My original plan was not to hand out simple advice. I also promised to talk about myself, staying within the topic. So here it goes: 

I find my hair horrible.
After giving birth my weak, fine hair became even weaker. Broke in to hundreds of pieces and these broken hairs stick out of my head. Enough said. Let the pictures do the talking…

This is me after I washed my hair this morning. Not a pretty sight I think we can all agree.
Additional information: I do not have a hair brush. = I do not brush my hair.

I do not have a lovely collection of hair bands but I thought maybe some of you do and this could be a nice idea… Well… It is not the look I would go for… Let’s try something else…

Braiding some of your hair on the top can look cute. I still look like a cocker spaniel but maybe from a different angle…

The point is: I did something. And even a little effort can help (though a big effort is so much more effective – in my case: I am taking the focus OFF my hair with my make-up… sneaky, huh?!)

I used to wear my hair like this after a major break-up. I used different colors that matched my outfits. I like being matchy-matchy. Anyways, this was symbolic for me at the time. At the time I was so sad that I felt that this was my way of trying to squeeze out some color from what was left of me.

This is the braided version. Less hippy like or so I think. HAHA

The unicorn hairdo. My signature hair style. The bobby pin can be more hidden…

Similar but my hair is pulled up.

This is from the side. If you were wondering… HAHA

If you are still awake. Let me tell you this is a big favorite of mine but I need to ask for more bobby pins for my birthday because with the 3 I have this is not always as nice as I would like it to look…

As you can see my hair did not become healthier but at least I tried to do something to make me feel better…

I could not resist sharing this picture… Zoárd is 4 days old here! See my hair? If this were a quiz: which picture shows me with the same kind of hairdo?
Just kidding….

Any thoughts on the topic?


30 thoughts on “Shrink Me Monday – I Hate The Way I Look

  1. I think you look cute in all the pictures 🙂 Btw I don’t own a hairbrush either, I just comb my hair through when it’s wet and then leave it to dry. I think it’s very easy to become obsessed with one aspect of your appearance instead of viewing your perceived flaw as part of a much bigger picture. My eldest son hates being short (partly due to my genes as I’m only 5’2″ and partly due to medical reasons) and as it’s something you can’t change I try to get him to focus on all the good things instead. X

  2. I like the proactive attitude. I’m sure actively choosing to focus your physical and mental energies on something other than your appearance is a thing you can do – but that’s not quite the same as just saying it doesn’t matter or you shouldn’t worry about it because you’re nice.

    It would take me ages to learn how to do my hair like that. I’m not sure I can spare the physical or mental energy 🙂 .

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