Living in a Hotel and Some Random Facts About It

I am having a blogger’s crises. I feel I cannot keep up. I would need to nominate 18 bloggers if I have counted it right and I am overwhelmed by it all. 

Tomorrow I will only read blogs and take notes.

What I can do for now is thank the two lovely moms for nominating me. (One Lovely Blog Award & Liebster Award). Please check out their blogs if you haven’t done so.

The random facts about me will have to be in connection with the fact that I am living in a hotel. Why?! Because this is what I came up with to make it more interesting. Ready?

An Australian tv company was shooting at our hotel for a couple of days. Zoárd will be in the shots showing the playroom for children and I did a few minutes of yoga to show off the yoga studio. I miss yoga. 

I stopped shopping for clothes for myself because I really have more than enough. I looked in to the mirror (the mirror of -be honest with yourself) and what I found was a question: “did I just buy this outfit for Zoárd?!!”

Still staying at the clothes topic. I tend to wear stuff that maybe I should not wear. 
The top you see is a dress: a maternity dress I wore when I was 40 weeks pregnant with Zoárd. Would you like to see a picture of that as well? OK hold on please…
The shorts that make my husband blush (because I am still wearing it) was given to me by my mother as a PJ set when I was 13 years old. I will be 34 years old in 37 days. Start counting! HAHA


Many times this is what happens once we finally leave the hotel to grab something from the supermarket…

I end up sitting in the car in a lovely parking lot… Yes, this IS irony…

Respectful parenting asks the parents to kindly prepare a space that is suitable for the little one to play in peacefully without interruptions.  Zoárd was peaceful on the hard floor next to the carefully arranged safe place… HAHA

My wrist hurts and my cloth diaper duties are not helping. But it is something that is part of my every day life and the staffs of this hotel are being super nice about the whole process of washing them. I hand wash them but that is the pre-part of it…
My husband or I take the dirty ones down to an office that has a washing machine which we can use after five pm. We used to go back two hours later to put the diapers in the dryer. The housekeeping staff understands this part now and they also bring them up to our room the next day. I have to stuff them since we are using pocket diapers. 

It is really hard for me to write without using pictures but I will give it a try… I need to answer 11 specific questions. I will give you the answers you can guess what the questions were. Fair enough, isn’t it?

I can’t drive slow nor fast. My talent is being supportive. I know it is a lame answer but I do not have talent talents! There. I said it. Last night I ate a bowl of potato cream soup with scrambled eggs. (Yes, I can order anything from the hotel’s kitchen… Why you ask?!)
I have no idea where our next vacation will be and I haven’t traveled without Zoárd. I prefer the summer. Easy: vanilla ice cream. I am allergic to chocolate. I like to sing I Have A Dog His Name is Ben… A book by Tim Lott. I started blogging in July. MY favorite post of mine is….

I have a question for YOU!
How do you feel about this whole award sharing business? Anyone have mixed feelings about it?



20 thoughts on “Living in a Hotel and Some Random Facts About It

  1. i have to say that the award thing is great and i love it but it’s not at all easy to keep up with it (mainly because of the rules and what’s required)

  2. I like when the nominators ask specific questions for you to answer because it helps you think of things to write about, but totally overwhelming and you eventually end up getting nominated several times for the same award so very difficult to keep up. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I find it a bit difficult, especially since I know some people object to being nominated, so that always makes me a bit scared to nominate people! It’s nice to be thought of, but I tend to feel more comfortable with other ways of thinking about people.

    Congrats to you, though!

  4. Hi! Thanks for the reminder. I’m having some serious computer issues this weekend so we’ll see how I go. (It took five goes to load this page and I have to finish some paid work.)

  5. yes, certainly mixed feelings. I still consider myself relatively new to blogging and also figuring out the etiquette. I was so excited the first award I got and they still bring a smile to my face because it means people are reading and enjoying. But, the accepting of them takes so long and then linking to all the nominations…phew! it takes time away from other writings

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