Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 3/ – Show That Titi Outfit Of The Day

I am not going to put the word “titi” among the tags for this post -that is for sure. HAHA
I know, I know I was the one to pick this provoking title for my post to begin with…

Here is the deal. I do not want to bite off more than I can chew. All week I took notes to make sure I get everyone down who will participate in this week’s photo challenge. I am not going to check on you guys one by one (though I could not resist sending out reminders).
To start out with, I might be fast asleep by the time you will make your post because of the time difference. If you said you are in I take it you are in. I am happy to share a link to your blog!

Here are my pictures for both category:

In our world there are only working days. My husband does not have a day off. There are no weekends in a five star hotel. So I cannot say “I only dress up nicely on the weekends” or “I only have real outfits on the weekdays”. It is up to me really. I never stay naked that is what I can tell you. HAHA

And to do it like the pro-s…
My shorts are from: lynaround (they have a funky website if you are interested).
My top is from lee (as in Lee Cooper but the little boutique that did not make it for more than a year in Budapest just had the sign “Lee” above the shop).

This is the only way Zoárd eats. We started giving him solids BLW style which means he only played with the cooked vegetables placed in front of him. It will take him a while to understand that he can put the food in his own mouth.

More information on this method can be read here.

As for the photo challenge I have more baby topics for the next 5 weeks. And we can also do outfit of the days on these Saturdays. Leave a comment letting me know if you are in for next week so I can share the link to your blog.

Baby topics
5th of October – Love That Outfit
12th of October – Sleeping
19th of October – Unsuspecting Subject
26th of October – Posing
2nd of November – hey that is my BIRTHDAY!!! Anyways Out & About is the topic.

If you are wondering what were the previous topics and what I shared….
week 2 of the weekend photo challenge
week 1 of the weekend photo challenge

Check out what others shared for the topic of EATING or/and OUTFIT OF THE DAY

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25 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 3/ – Show That Titi Outfit Of The Day

      • It depends, I guess. On the baby’s temperment and the way the mother responds to the biting.
        Samuel did his share of pre-teeth gumming (which I’m sure you know hurts a lot too!) and then he tried out biting me around the time his first teeth showed up but I responded sternly with “Ouch! No biting!” and two fingers tapping the side of his mouth while I said it. He definitely got the picture that mama doesn’t appreciate it. I would stop nursing him right away. It was hard to correct a baby (I did the same with my older two) but it’s SO worth it to be able to continue to nurse. He did it maybe a handful of times before stopping.
        He was ill and bit me hard, accidently, on his first birthday and then again when he was sick with a cold a few months later.
        One more thing I recommend is preventing bites. When Sam would start to slow down with his feeding and start to fidget, but not unlatch, he would sometimes act almost like he was thinking about whether or not he was going to bite, so I’d quickly unlatch him and burp him, etc. Stop the feeding if you suspect he is doing pre-biting behavior! 😉

  1. It’s nice to see growing up the little children nowadays. Nothing has changed I think sometimes. Perhaps you have a special situtation because of your hotel-life…. The outfit-theme is not mine, ok.
    But an advice from an expert-father:
    Stop breastfeeding before he starts his school-career!

  2. Made it!

    I found it best to relax and let the kids pick up eating as and when, too. At first there really wasn’t anything going in, then all of a sudden they seemed to get the idea.

    I had a couple of friends who were very worried about getting the right amount in and everything – and with fat, healthy babies, too (of course if the child isn’t growing properly that’s different). Obviously we all have our things we worry about, even though we shouldn’t!

  3. Oh, and I second Valerie on the biting. They soon learn not to bite if they want to eat, and you can hardly even call it discipline when it’s such a natural response to want to get your nipple out of there! I agree that some of it was definitely just fiddling around after finishing a feed so latching off as soon as over is preventative.

    I did also find that biting started up again whenever a new tooth came through – I guess maybe painful/grinding – trying to soothe the teething pains helped or I just unlatched as before and they got over it.

  4. Thanks for linking to my blog! 🙂 This weekend was so busy that I couldn’t come up with an outfit post on Saturday, but next time I’ll try to make the link-up work. I love those colorful shorts you are sporting! I hope you and your husband get some time together soon; that really sucks that his job is taking so much time from you guys these days. I know that when my husband worked in a retail environment, it was really tough for us to make time together, and we didn’t have a baby in the mix. Best wishes to you!

    • hey Casey… thanks for reading my post and commenting…

      the shorts are a Thai brand – and I like that, I am totally fine with globalization and happy to be able to buy Weetabix no matter where I live but I also like to embrace local stuff as such

      you mentioned Chris was in retail in your post about selling clothes and that he received fancy clothes back then and I knew straight away that that is only one side of his job… (which he didn’t even think is a plus, right?!)… anyways, my husband is working on a master plan and if that will work out we will have more time to enjoy…

      • No problem! Retail was never what he wanted to do; it was just all that was really available at the time in the small coastal area where we lived at the time. He didn’t really see it as a plus because the store’s clothing wasn’t even his style, so he hated having to spend a cent on anything from that store, even if it was steeply discounted. 😉

  5. I LOVE THIS! Count me in for the next five weekends. My photos will probably be without a baby but if a child is required for it, then I’m sure I could borrow one. My friends are only too happy to “lend” their kids to me for an afternoon. 🙂

    You are such a beautiful woman and I applaud and respect your decision to breast feed.


    • You are very kind Ginny! Every Saturday we do outfit of the day with those who do not have children. This Saturday the kid topic is the same. It is up to you how you use the topics in your post (as long as you have fun with it)… you can have a look at what the others did last week if you stroll down in this post…
      Great to have you come a board!

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