Step in to My Gallery and Leave Me Your Book

I will say very little today.

Please recommend me a book that made you laugh a lot when you were reading it.

And could you please tell me which one is your favorite picture of Zoárd?

Here they are:











Would You Take a Baby to a Party?

Monsoon season in Thailand means lots of rain. Since we are living in a five star hotel whatever will happen (three days of power outage for example) will not hit us too badly. 

Perhaps, at the moment, outdoor, safari style activities are not the best for us.
What is that?! A Maison Bentley Style party?! Sounds just what we need to take our minds off the rain…

Zoárd and I went down to the general manager’s (aka my husband’s) office. He was thrilled to hear about the party we were invited to.

I think the key to a good party with an infant is discussing the rules.

We did not have to talk too much about “rules”, the boys took this party very seriously. When you go on a celebration to the North part of Thailand this is a very appropriate hat to wear. Though I think Maison Bentley does not live up North…

Let’s get in the car and party!!!

Zoárd was in charge of complimenting all the art work at the party. 

Obviously, I was not the queen of cocktails but I kept saying how delicious the coffee was. (I have no idea how the whipped cream got in to my mug…)

When Zoárd became slightly tired of all the partying. My husband read him a very exciting tale about all sorts of exciting characters.

I thought about adding a picture of the rain but who cares about the rain?! We had a great time! Thank you!!!

What do you personally think about taking children to events that are meant to be for grown-ups?

Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 7/ – How Do You Feel About Posing?

Some of my friends tell me that they prefer to see pictures of me when I am all natural, not aware of the camera and certainly not posing. Well, the good news is: this photo challenge is about having your baby pose. The bad news is: there is no such thing as looking at a picture of me a la natural, I am not aware of the world,  I am simply sitting on the floor wearing a large boyfriend T-shirt without make-up on.

And surprise, surprise this photo challenge always comes hand in hand with an outfit of the day pic! Ha! There I am! Probably posing… Ha! Not “probably”, I AM POSING! HAHA

So what is this weekend photo challenge all about? There is always a theme and you can have fun with it in a blog post. That is my interpretation at least.

As always, I told Zoárd about this week’s challenge. He asked me not to put anything on his head.

I told him I cannot promise this and he was not pleased with me.

I thought it was a compromise on my part to let Zoárd pose however he fancies. 

But maybe I got carried away a bit with the beanies I made him….

OK, OK!! Peace!! No more posing. For now. Yes, I promise!

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How do you feel when people take pictures of you? Do you like to smile a certain way? Or is it best if you do not know about the camera man lurking around you?

Do You Remember What You Looked Like 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Autumns Ago?

Thank you Beth in bringing my creativity out I really needed this tag! Here are Beth’s answers to her being tagged. 

I digged out autumn photos of my past which was easy to do since I am a child of Autumn.

First thing comes first (I am building up the right kind of tension), I took a picture of myself today in order to give a shocking answer to some of the questions.

By “shocking” I only mean that many times I do NOT see a whole lot of difference when…

I use a different shade on my eyes.
I like my pistachio eye pencil.

I only owe one lipstick:  Dior 565. I would call it fuchsia color. You tell me if that is stylish for autumn or not… HAHA

Favorite thing about Autumn: 2nd of November – my birthday!!!

Favorite drink: rooibos tea with honey if I am cold. Fresh coconut juice if I am… well, here on a sunny island…

Favorite scent: I have no idea because I would have to “smell it” but I found an autumn candle collection and picked out: salted caramel

Favorite outfit, lipstick and eye shadow: see the picture above please. (I do not like to wear exactly the same thing twice in a month so I do not have a favorite outfit in this sense.)

Favorite autumn treat: I will have to think outside of Thailand where there is actually fall. Latte with cottage cheese pie or cherry pie. You asked… HAHA

Favorite band/singer: I have faces. Let me just share a link to a song my husband introduced me to:

Favorite place to be: celebrating somewhere… (I simply want to show off my autumn pictures now from the previous years -may I?!)

Autumn of 2012 – Barcelona

Autumn of 2011 – Samui

Autumn of 2010 – Bangkok

Autumn of 2009 – Budapest
The theme of my birthday party was: wear someone else’s clothes. My husband and I both secretly asked my mother-in-law to lend something cute and sexy… 

Autumn of 2008 – surprise birthday trip to Prague

How about if you write a post using up this theme? I would like to tag You if you would enjoy being tagged. Deal???

Who is The Funniest Around You?

Kerry started a series of “A Day In The Life” where you can show the blogging world what you do all day. You can read all about it on Kerry’s blog.

Danielle if you are still looking for a fun project maybe this is for you!

I think one must post about her day at least once in great detail. This is what I did in this post:

I failed to do the same with FEW words but nevertheless I think I did a mighty fine job:

I started taking notes and pictures following my day today. I think today can be called a typical one (but I will show off some other moments as well). I also thought about the weekly photo challenges I have been doing on Saturdays. I will sneak in an unsuspected son of mine and my outfit of the day. This was last week’s photo challenge that was actually posted on Saturday:

Zoárd and I make up the “late ones to wake up” around half past seven in our family of three.
As soon as I start taking pictures of Zoárd I cannot go unnoticed and he starts posing.

Here is Zoárd with his tooth brush and if you want to know how you can tell his excitement that he can be the model of my pictures, look at his straight baby legs. HAHA

I could probably do a whole post with Zoárd being happy about “picture time”.

I sometimes take over 50 pictures of him and I  noticed that he makes sure that he is facing me.

If I move because I want the lighting to be better he moves too. Face to face! – is the philosophy!

Almost, after an hour we woke up I had my breakfast which means I take out everything from the minibar. If you are wondering what things I did beforehand I will put it in a bracket just for You (cleaning poo; I made sure the play area is safe, I put away clothes, I made sure I am not naked but I did change my clothes later, I made a list).

I have my breakfast in front of my laptop everyday while I read emails, comments etc.

I dislike finding Zoárd on the sofa but that does not stop me from taking a picture…

I am fast forwarding otherwise this post will be as long as the strudel’s dough.

Lunch is in the hotel’s restaurant after Zoárd’s first nap.

I eat rice noodles with eggs and tomatoes OR (this is NEW…) with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes.

Zoárd and his tomato.

It is not nice of me to give a catchy title to my blog post and not tell you the answer to my question.

I think Zoárd is funny like all babies but I think he is starting to get us.

He is comfortable about playfulness in public.

He makes us smile, we make him smile.

We are one happy family who met an awesome stranger at Starbucks. Look at the picture the stranger took of us? Not only did she know that I am not a fan of pictures showing our nasal hair, she took a really friendly shot of us.

In the afternoons Zoárd either holds on to my chair or he finds something that interests him.

PicMonkey Collage who is there
I am fascinated by his eagerness to stand up anywhere he stands a chance. HAHA

I go to the gym before dinner and the boys space out.

Here is my outfit!

Thank you for patience if you managed to read everything: every single word. You are a star!

Who is the funniest person around you? Could it be You?

I Became The New Face of Estee Lauder

I like to have fun with the details. I imagined this post and I wrote the main theme in my head. Talking about what it is like to get your hands on your essentials while being on an island.

And by essentials I do mean my concealer for example. It is my foundation over here and I have been loyal to it for many years. I wanted to find an image of it on the Internet but neither one was good enough so I decided to take a natural picture of me holding my Estee Lauder concealers. 

Taking this picture was a lot of fun.

When people ask how I spend my time I should just show them these images:




Going back to my original thoughts, now that you know what I put on my face. HAHA

If I run out of something important I need to think of ways to have it shipped to me. Many products simply cannot be shipped to Thailand or it would be seriously not worth it after paying the shipping fee. That is why I take questions like: “would you like something from duty free?” -very seriously. Our friend Dong is coming back from China next week and he is bringing my eye make-up remover. (He asked if I needed anything.)
A few days ago my mother sent us some detergent against ammonia built-up specifically for cloth diapers and my mother-in-law is going to the post office soon with my birthday present. I always ask for practical stuff. Holidays, birthdays are a good way to stock up. 

So when someone tells me to buy a kit for child proofing our hotel room I just laugh. We could not even find a simple mattress we wanted to buy for Zoárd. 

Even though a tropical island might not have a few big brands and some modern gadgets but you will find caps and hats. Remember: staying white or becoming whiter is what the locals aim for. And what better way to do this is by covering yourself up! 

Zoárd and I know how to behave absolutely normal when shopping at Tesco Lotus.

Yesterday we left the hotel eagerly to find the oats and natural granola that we eat every single day. But they were out of them both.  That can happen. Once again I must point out that on an island even the big Tesco Lotus can have delays in stocking up. 

Each time we leave the hotel, the receptionists ask us where we are going. And before I can answer with a bored face they guess the answer and say: “shopping, shopping at Tesco Lotus?” They say it with such excitement that I always feel ashamed of myself. Yes, when you live on an island going to the big supermarket is considered fun.

After shopping for toothbrushes, my husband felt like eating sushi and we know a Japanese gentleman who has such passion for preparing food that eating at his place is always magical. I am a picky eater, a very, very picky eater but even I tasted octopus when we were there the last time. That was before we had Zoárd. So the idea of going back to this quiet sushi bar was not appealing to me at first. Zoárd was naked as usual and I started to worry about silly things like too strong air conditioning. Since we just happened to buy a top for him from the F&F collection of Tesco my non-existent problem was quickly solved.

Here we are! I am waiting for my tomato soup with noddles and my sushi with cucumber. Adventures me! HAHA

When was the last time you turned a situation around? Do you think humor and having a positive attitude makes things easier? 

Would You Like To Be Nice With Me Again?

I really need to write this post! I would like to encourage my brain to collect nice moments. And I would like to ask You to join in. No, stop picking my brain… I can do that, thank you! HAHA

Could you tell me a few nice things about your day or week? Hit me!

It was a spirit lifter the last time I wrote a post with a similar title:

Today Zoárd is 9 months old. Very cool! So is Zoárd in my humble opinion…


Speaking of cool. Zoárd’s grandmas are far, far away. One in Europe and one in America. I asked them to participate in a mini project of mine and they were so open-minded about it. Über-cool!


I wanted to add these pictures of the usual collection of photos I put together each month. And I did! Nice, nice!!

After pigging out in Bangkok, my husband and I stopped eating desserts.
If you want to know about it you can read it here.
I made a new rule. It was for my own good. I can eat desserts again on Sundays. And on birthdays. 

Strawberry earl grey cake. Only 1 slice! (Before my 1 slice of banoffee pie and 1 slice of coconut cake…)

Zoárd is taking his second nap of the day. And I am grateful that I was able to help him fall asleep. I value this a lot! What I am surprised at is that he has this new, really strong desire to hold on to me. He pulls himself up and grabs a piece of my skin, my legs, whatever he can get a good hold on. I get it: he became clingy and maybe THIS is the remedy for him against separation anxiety (which is not something he can truly experience since I am with him almost non-stop). The only tiny part that is DIFFICULT for me is that he gives out sounds of frustration, wining, short cries. It is as he wants even more closeness. But he wants out of cuddles because he is a big boy now! I can take his mind off of it all with reading to him…

So this is my future for the next few months… right?!

Tell me something NICE, please…

Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 5/ – This Will Not Make You Sleep!

I was looking forward to putting together today’s post. The only change I have made compared to the previous weeks is that I resigned from organizing others to join in. Nevertheless, everyone is welcomed to make a comment: let me know if you have made a post on this week’s challenge. Which was….


I took many pictures of Zoárd preparing for this post but the lights were less than perfect in his crib. Fortunately, he dozed off on his “play area”. I knew that I will only have one shot to take a picture of him. And how right I was! As soon as he heard what had happened he started posing and trying to catch the string of the camera. 

This was also a unique shot. Zoárd only falls asleep during feeding when it is night time. Not ideal for taking pictures. Aha! But he blinks! HAHA So this is what he looks like when he is sleeping (and when he is blinking…)


This dress has a story! And what a story! Have a look at it and take a guess how old was I when I purchased it… (my grandma and my mother chipped in so I can afford it – you will soon understand why this was an expensive dress…)

I was able to find the website of the company that sold this! Trying to translate it: it would be Shop of Original Objects. Sajátos Tárgyak Boltja in Hungarian. STB (which also means etc in Hungarian language).

The shop opened in 1981. I bought this dress in 1992 when I was 13 years old. Everything they sold were the product of artists studying at the art academy. The craftsmanship made everything pricey. For some reason, maybe because it was close to my elementary school, this place became popular among my classmates. If you were poor like my family you only bought something small like a peace of leather string. I tied it around my wrist and wore it for years!
When my 13th birthday came I was allowed to buy this dress for myself using some of my pocket money. I was thrilled!

Please have a look at the gallery of the shop. Your jaw will drop. Or maybe it will not but I can say for sure that now I would never shop at a place where everything looks medieval. It is truly interesting for me to see their collections.

Go on the word RUHA if you are interested to see the clothes they sell now.

Here I am at elementary school! Can you see which other girl shopped at the same shop sitting next to me…?

Here I am 9 months pregnant wearing the same dress. Ain’t this fun?! HAHA

I love it when I feel that I did not just buy something so it can collect dust in my closet. I think in this sense this is a success story.

If you would like to see other outfits and baby pictures that I took for this challenge, please do not hesitate to look at

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Do you have any clothes that you think were really worth buying?

Beauty Pageant at the Hotel

Yesterday was a big event in the hotel’s life! We celebrated its 2nd birthday! 

The hotel helps out a school for the mentally ill children here on the island. (My husband is always very much involved in doing good.) For this reason, last night’s dinner was a charity event. A few children from the school performed for the hotel guests who booked a table for this event. Zoárd and I were watching too. 

I quickly took these pictures before we left the room.

This was a perfect example of me sort of thinking outside the box. I knew that I could not compete with anyone going for the ultra-sexy look last night. However, I wanted people to say nice things when talking behind our backs. HAHA And with Zoárd I do have an advantage since he is cute. But I also wanted to make a positive impression. 

It was pure luck that I was able to find outfits for ourselves that were very much similar looking. My hair is supposed to be a look one has when trying to make her hair curly. The headband curling is from Angela’s post. As you can see I went for the “before look” instead of the “after look”. HAHA
The three dots under my right eye is on purpose too. I saw this in one of the latest Project Runway episodes. 

Back to the birthday party: each department had to send someone to compete at the beauty contest that was also held as part of the whole event. They had to perform as well. Thai people are so much fun when it comes to themes like this. They really put so much effort in dressing up and learning a song or a dance. Unfortunately, Zoárd became overwhelmed (did I mention that pulling his legs is normal here?!) and started crying after the third contestant showed herself. 

I took some pictures off of Facebook just now. It will only give you an idea but better than nothing…

The dress made of orchids is hand-made!!!!

Men dressing up as women is not rare in Thailand and this hotel is especially open-minded about being eccentric. Maybe that explains why the general manager’s wife (me…) was wearing a headband last seen in an aerobics class. HAHA

The hotel guests each had a vote and if I remember correctly what my husband told me the girl in the middle won. Do not feel bad for the others though my husband rewarded everyone very generously!

How do you feel about dressing up for formal or special events? Do you ever feel that you are out of place? 

We Left The Hotel But Who is Counting?

I used to count the times we actually left the hotel we live in.
It is nice to see a little of the island. If you would like to sit back and enjoy some of the pictures I took here is a post that you will like for sure:

May I announce proudly that I hadn’t eaten a dessert for more than two weeks now! But it wasn’t always like this:

This was a trip to a rum distillery:

Fisherman Village is a walking street which is rare on this island:

As for today. Zoárd and I accompanied my husband to our friend’s shop. He is also a big supplier for hotels (as well as our good friend). Would you like to see what is in his shop?

It is impossible not to notice the glass wear.

My husband really fancied this one. Did you spot its shape? Oh my husband wakes up super early to go to gym and he is also in great shape. I am sure he will appreciate reading this. HAHA (You know I love you!!!)

I think these are decorations which you can buy if you can picture them in your fancy restaurant or hotel. Anything You like?

The bird cages in Thailand are gorgeous. It is popular to keep singing birds as a pet but some also take them out for singing competitions. One of the drivers at our hotel brings his bird in time to time. Interesting, isn’t?!

This is a huge spoon. We are feeding Zoárd. Little inside joke.

This is outside the shop.

These are not dogs. (OK, OK…) The male Chinese lion is holding a ball. The female is holding her child under her palm.

Our friend is expanding his shop. It will be 3 floor tall. We looked at the constructions a tiny bit. I am not a fan in general. I like to see when something is finished. HAHA But he said a dog gave birth here and we can see the puppies. I wanted to take a picture but the mama dog did not allow it…

This is a torch! I think the concept was that I pretend to be a cave woman. Hm. HAHA

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Where did You go when you last left your home?