Right Now Becomes an Hour

Danielle said she would love to participate in Saturday’s photo challenge (anyone else?!) but how about if I also add a “right now” post to her comments. I checked her post out and you should too!

My right now moment was that I was waiting for A. B. G. to send over some pictures of last night. We had to attend a dinner way after Zoárd’s bed time but it sort of went alright. Don’t ask me about the music though! I was not THAT relaxed… It was jazz that is all I can say…

A. B. G decided to make jokes instead of sending me the pictures. I deal with a lot of photos so I like to edit them and organize them as soon as possible before they get out of control. Are you like this with something? I am not an organized person but this is a must!

I took a picture of Zoárd before it all happened…

You know I am not going to stop with ONE picture… HAHA

Well, Zoárd needed a diaper change. And he ended up needing a bath…

Do not judge! In the mornings I am still figuring myself out. The 2 pony tails are not for me. NOW I know… HAHA

Zoárd is so lovely! He is my right now inspiration: lending me beautiful colors and shadows! 

Zoárd soon needed a nap. And he also needed some assistance in falling asleep. My new helper is Bobby McFerrin. I play Don’t Worry Be Happy over and over to him.  I suggest you listen to the song, you might want to “sing it note for note”… 


This is how “right now” becomes and hour…  And A. B. G. is still resisting to send those pictures over…. grrrrr

17 thoughts on “Right Now Becomes an Hour

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the one by the window, and Zoard is so adorable in his little blanket!
    I am the opposite to you I think. I was always very organised before I had Ayla, but now I put things off again and again until its almost too late! I think it’s because I’d rather be playing with her than doing paper work :p

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