Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 4/ – Love Those Outfits

I have been preparing for this post all week! The theme is the same for kids and adults this Saturday: outfits!!! And I am so happy that others joined in so there will be lots of outfit sharing.

You might be slightly confused about how this works so hold my hand I will walk you through it…

The photo challenge was originally intended to focus on babies but I thought it would be nice to have a topic for those too who do not have children (though someone had a creative reaction: “I will just borrow a child”).

This is what we came up with in the previous weeks:

week 3 of the photo challenge
week 2 of the photo challenge
week 1 of the photo challenge

For those who have been reading my blog for a while it won’t be new when I announce that my baby mostly only wears a diaper and that is it.
But let me whisper a secret to you: we used to live in Barcelona and I had plenty of fun dressing Zoárd! If you are the curious type you can have a peak at our “fashion-past” by reading this post…

I told Zoárd about this weekly photo challenge and he was happy to pretend that we live somewhere else where clothes are needed.

Let me give some extra credit to Zoárd. He has zero interest towards this koala bear he got as a present from a hotel guest but he takes my projects very seriously. HAHA

This was HIS idea of showing off his organic outfit (this can still be ordered online not like MY old clothes you will soon see…HAHA).
Did you have a look at the price of this footie? We bought this in Spain. They sold it for 25 Euros which is around 33 dollars. We were given a gift voucher to use in this shop so we actually only payed 5 Euros for it. I only found out from Facebook that Prince Charles was looking at clothes from this brand. You decide if that is a plus or a minus. HAHA

My question is: what was the most you have spent on one single outfit?

Now here comes my outfit!!!

All the info about this picture:
– in Thailand you take your shoes off

– this door is never left opened because of the bugs but we made an exception for this shot

– my husband took this picture: I felt suddenly shy, can you tell?!

– I am wearing trousers that are cropped. The brand is called New Yorker. You can see what the brand offers now.
– I have a T-shirt on that was purchased at Benetton. Care to see their collection?
– I ain’t blushing to admit the tank is maternity. Isabella Oliver.

You can also wear these beauties separately- do I already sound like a fashion guru?! Is that a yes?!

The first picture was taken 3 years ago. The other two were taken a year ago.

Are you still holding my hand? Good.

These are the topics for the following weeks: (the topic for adults is always outfit of the day)

12th of October – Sleeping
19th of October – Unsuspecting Subject
26th of October – Posing
2nd of November = my BIRTHDAY!!! Out & About is the topic. Is that a sign?! Should I be out and about on that day?

Now it is Your turn to walk the runway. If you forgot to mention to me that you wish to be linked up, share your link in the comments below…

Make sure you check out what others shared for the topic of Love That Outfit or/and OUTFIT OF THE DAY

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18 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 4/ – Love Those Outfits

  1. I’m surprised your red top isn’t too stretched these days. You obviously carried very neatly! Looks good.

    I honestly can’t remember how much I’ve spent on any outfits. I know I went a little crazy on a fancy dress one once considering I only wore it to one party, but that was special circumstances.

  2. I posted my outfit of the day! Thanks for inviting me and putting this out there! http://mysimplicityquest.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/weekend-photo-challenge-and-day-97-of-the-closet-countdown/

    I love your striped top! So great that you can still wear it post baby…

    I get a huge thrill from spending as little as possible on quality clothes. No idea what my largest clothing purchase has been. I can tell you I found a gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg dress for about $15 once. Didn’t fit so I didn’t buy it…

    Anyway! Cheers to you and your beautiful family!

    • Wow! Diane Von Furstenberg! I only heard of her from fairy tales! 🙂
      I am glad you had fun with this challenge! I loved your post! Your introduction was extremely kind!
      I really fancy your hat and I can see why you love your Merrel Lily dress more and more: it is so versatile!
      May I ask where your capri leggings are from????

  3. Hmm, the most I have spent on one single outfit? Not including my wedding attire, I guess I would have to say about $250 when you figure in the shoes, garments, and accessories.

    It looks like y’all had so much fun shopping. The glasses really were a cool shape, so I guess your hubby has good taste!

    Thanks again for linking to my page! 😉

  4. That Zoard of your looks like The Gerbera Baby….he should be a baby model, so adorable!! Of course, his parents are stunning also, so it does not surprise me!! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your life in Thailand!! Gerber Baby not Gerbera!

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