Beauty Pageant at the Hotel

Yesterday was a big event in the hotel’s life! We celebrated its 2nd birthday! 

The hotel helps out a school for the mentally ill children here on the island. (My husband is always very much involved in doing good.) For this reason, last night’s dinner was a charity event. A few children from the school performed for the hotel guests who booked a table for this event. Zoárd and I were watching too. 

I quickly took these pictures before we left the room.

This was a perfect example of me sort of thinking outside the box. I knew that I could not compete with anyone going for the ultra-sexy look last night. However, I wanted people to say nice things when talking behind our backs. HAHA And with Zoárd I do have an advantage since he is cute. But I also wanted to make a positive impression. 

It was pure luck that I was able to find outfits for ourselves that were very much similar looking. My hair is supposed to be a look one has when trying to make her hair curly. The headband curling is from Angela’s post. As you can see I went for the “before look” instead of the “after look”. HAHA
The three dots under my right eye is on purpose too. I saw this in one of the latest Project Runway episodes. 

Back to the birthday party: each department had to send someone to compete at the beauty contest that was also held as part of the whole event. They had to perform as well. Thai people are so much fun when it comes to themes like this. They really put so much effort in dressing up and learning a song or a dance. Unfortunately, Zoárd became overwhelmed (did I mention that pulling his legs is normal here?!) and started crying after the third contestant showed herself. 

I took some pictures off of Facebook just now. It will only give you an idea but better than nothing…

The dress made of orchids is hand-made!!!!

Men dressing up as women is not rare in Thailand and this hotel is especially open-minded about being eccentric. Maybe that explains why the general manager’s wife (me…) was wearing a headband last seen in an aerobics class. HAHA

The hotel guests each had a vote and if I remember correctly what my husband told me the girl in the middle won. Do not feel bad for the others though my husband rewarded everyone very generously!

How do you feel about dressing up for formal or special events? Do you ever feel that you are out of place? 

12 thoughts on “Beauty Pageant at the Hotel

  1. I love dress up parties! And then doing the dress up properly. I don’t see the point in dressing up if you won’t be putting enthusiasm into it! 🙂

    • Funny but I thought I will be disappointed because I ended up not seeing the performances and the whole beauty contest but as I looked at Zoárd who fell asleep peacefully I knew immediately that having him is the real beauty in my life!

  2. I absolutely love dressing up at formal events! I wish I had more occasions to dress up, so I jump at pretty much any opportunity, especially one that is for a good cause! You looked lovely, and your little one is so adorable. It’s easy to see he loves his mommy!

    • Thanks Casey!
      It should be somewhat easy for you to find parties where dressing up as strongly suggested. I found it was quite popular in the States. For me it was so strange in the beginning that people bought (!) costumes just for one themed party. I come from a poor country (Hungary) and even renting a costume was only for super special occasions. Like something similar to what you call a pram… 🙂

      • I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of costume parties, but I love getting dressed up in a nice dress and cute shoes. 😉 I would have a much harder time allowing myself to spend a lot of money on a costume I would wear once than on a gown I could wear a couple of times. 😉

  3. I do love to dress up once in a while. This winter, we may go to a ball from my husband’s work. I just wish I’ve already lost the baby weight by that time. 🙂

    The pageant looked very interesting. I think your outfit was fit for the occasion. Everyone looked eccentric. 🙂

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