Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 5/ – This Will Not Make You Sleep!

I was looking forward to putting together today’s post. The only change I have made compared to the previous weeks is that I resigned from organizing others to join in. Nevertheless, everyone is welcomed to make a comment: let me know if you have made a post on this week’s challenge. Which was….


I took many pictures of Zoárd preparing for this post but the lights were less than perfect in his crib. Fortunately, he dozed off on his “play area”. I knew that I will only have one shot to take a picture of him. And how right I was! As soon as he heard what had happened he started posing and trying to catch the string of the camera. 

This was also a unique shot. Zoárd only falls asleep during feeding when it is night time. Not ideal for taking pictures. Aha! But he blinks! HAHA So this is what he looks like when he is sleeping (and when he is blinking…)


This dress has a story! And what a story! Have a look at it and take a guess how old was I when I purchased it… (my grandma and my mother chipped in so I can afford it – you will soon understand why this was an expensive dress…)

I was able to find the website of the company that sold this! Trying to translate it: it would be Shop of Original Objects. Sajátos Tárgyak Boltja in Hungarian. STB (which also means etc in Hungarian language).

The shop opened in 1981. I bought this dress in 1992 when I was 13 years old. Everything they sold were the product of artists studying at the art academy. The craftsmanship made everything pricey. For some reason, maybe because it was close to my elementary school, this place became popular among my classmates. If you were poor like my family you only bought something small like a peace of leather string. I tied it around my wrist and wore it for years!
When my 13th birthday came I was allowed to buy this dress for myself using some of my pocket money. I was thrilled!

Please have a look at the gallery of the shop. Your jaw will drop. Or maybe it will not but I can say for sure that now I would never shop at a place where everything looks medieval. It is truly interesting for me to see their collections.

Go on the word RUHA if you are interested to see the clothes they sell now.

Here I am at elementary school! Can you see which other girl shopped at the same shop sitting next to me…?

Here I am 9 months pregnant wearing the same dress. Ain’t this fun?! HAHA

I love it when I feel that I did not just buy something so it can collect dust in my closet. I think in this sense this is a success story.

If you would like to see other outfits and baby pictures that I took for this challenge, please do not hesitate to look at

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Do you have any clothes that you think were really worth buying?


20 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 5/ – This Will Not Make You Sleep!

  1. Wow, what a valuable dress that has stood the test of time. I have some jerseys I still wear from when I was a child – one I knitted, the other knitted by my late grandmother. Oh, and I love the breast feeding pic. The only way I can get Nicky to sleep!

  2. Okay, you totally lied with that headline. Seeing Zoard looking so peaceful in that rock-hard sleep in the first photo totally made me want to fall asleep! 😉

    I have several oversized dresses that look cute now but will also be great when I am pregnant someday. That’s a cute one you’re wearing here!

  3. Wow – the maternity-non-maternity dress! Not many dresses can do that! (And of course you have to have the figure underneath to carry it off so you don’t still look pregnant!)

  4. Your little boy is just so adorable – even in his sleep.

    I love the dress. I wish I had something like that too that can withstand the test of time. The story behind it just adds value to the whole outfit.

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