Would You Like To Be Nice With Me Again?

I really need to write this post! I would like to encourage my brain to collect nice moments. And I would like to ask You to join in. No, stop picking my brain… I can do that, thank you! HAHA

Could you tell me a few nice things about your day or week? Hit me!

It was a spirit lifter the last time I wrote a post with a similar title:

Today Zoárd is 9 months old. Very cool! So is Zoárd in my humble opinion…


Speaking of cool. Zoárd’s grandmas are far, far away. One in Europe and one in America. I asked them to participate in a mini project of mine and they were so open-minded about it. Über-cool!


I wanted to add these pictures of the usual collection of photos I put together each month. And I did! Nice, nice!!

After pigging out in Bangkok, my husband and I stopped eating desserts.
If you want to know about it you can read it here.
I made a new rule. It was for my own good. I can eat desserts again on Sundays. And on birthdays. 

Strawberry earl grey cake. Only 1 slice! (Before my 1 slice of banoffee pie and 1 slice of coconut cake…)

Zoárd is taking his second nap of the day. And I am grateful that I was able to help him fall asleep. I value this a lot! What I am surprised at is that he has this new, really strong desire to hold on to me. He pulls himself up and grabs a piece of my skin, my legs, whatever he can get a good hold on. I get it: he became clingy and maybe THIS is the remedy for him against separation anxiety (which is not something he can truly experience since I am with him almost non-stop). The only tiny part that is DIFFICULT for me is that he gives out sounds of frustration, wining, short cries. It is as he wants even more closeness. But he wants out of cuddles because he is a big boy now! I can take his mind off of it all with reading to him…

So this is my future for the next few months… right?!

Tell me something NICE, please…


27 thoughts on “Would You Like To Be Nice With Me Again?

  1. I am having a nice day. Managed to do supper and washed the dishes all before his nap so now I can sit on the computer! Your boy is so beautiful. He might also be hanging onto you in order to practice standing. Good luck with the clinging though!

  2. Wow, and usually you’re the one with the nice things on my side of the blog!

    You are beautiful, healthy and you have an adorable baby! I think he’d get along with my son… Skype, sometime? 😉

  3. You already know I think you are beautiful (and your adorable son!) but I just have to keep telling you. 🙂 Gorgeous.

    A few nice things about my day:
    1) The temperature finally dropped. I get to open windows and listen to the birds. (after a pretty brutal summer in southeast Texas, it’s a big deal for me.)
    2) The insane beauty of a quiet morning after a good night’s sleep.
    3) Good, strong coffee in the morning, homemade chicken enchiladas for lunch, and Texas-style chili for dinner. I’m a happy eater.

    LOVE this idea. LOVE your blog and your positive attitude. You inspire me in so many ways.


    • You are such a good person Ginny! Thank you for this long comment. I wonder if the weather is anything like in Arizona for you. I used to live in Tucson. Do you have a winter coat?
      I spend most of my time in the room but yesterday I went to the restaurant with Zoárd and had my breakfast there. I could hardly lift my legs from the tiredness the heat created in me. I had insanely lot fantasies about drinking coffee!
      Are you British from some side of your family?

  4. Hey! You’re one of the most creative bloggers I follow. This reminds me of an old Genesis song, and this reminds me of my tomorrow post for all worldwide lovers…hahaha.
    I think you can eat every day a dessert!
    I can’t see a problem.
    Was this nice enough????
    😉 Have a great day.

    • One grandma doesn’t even have a camera, the other one is very camera shy so I was so touched by their positive attitude. They both live alone which I know can also make it challenging when you want a picture of yourself… I mean the pictures I take of myself are also usually the result of my 58th trying. 😛

  5. Love it! I’ll tell you a little nicety…yesterday I said to my 2 yr old son who was in the other room, “Ryder, would you like some more pizza?” and he came running saying “yes peez”….so sweet and adorable hearing sweet little manners out of his precious little lips. And he just picked up on how we speak to eachother, I haven’t been training him. I found it all very nice 🙂

    • There is a guy cooking at the hotel’s kitchen who has a 7 months old baby. He knows little about child development, has no Internet at his home and he is not the most intelligent man on this planet but he loves his son and he likes talking about baby stuff with me time to time. I told him that he should start using words like thank you, please, sorry etc with his son. He was very surprised at this but I explained to him that it is a good habit best to learn sooner than later. It is a habit that He needs to be comfortable with if this kind of respectful talking does not come automatically for him. So you are doing respectful parenting instinctively Kerry! 🙂

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