I Became The New Face of Estee Lauder

I like to have fun with the details. I imagined this post and I wrote the main theme in my head. Talking about what it is like to get your hands on your essentials while being on an island.

And by essentials I do mean my concealer for example. It is my foundation over here and I have been loyal to it for many years. I wanted to find an image of it on the Internet but neither one was good enough so I decided to take a natural picture of me holding my Estee Lauder concealers. 

Taking this picture was a lot of fun.

When people ask how I spend my time I should just show them these images:




Going back to my original thoughts, now that you know what I put on my face. HAHA

If I run out of something important I need to think of ways to have it shipped to me. Many products simply cannot be shipped to Thailand or it would be seriously not worth it after paying the shipping fee. That is why I take questions like: “would you like something from duty free?” -very seriously. Our friend Dong is coming back from China next week and he is bringing my eye make-up remover. (He asked if I needed anything.)
A few days ago my mother sent us some detergent against ammonia built-up specifically for cloth diapers and my mother-in-law is going to the post office soon with my birthday present. I always ask for practical stuff. Holidays, birthdays are a good way to stock up. 

So when someone tells me to buy a kit for child proofing our hotel room I just laugh. We could not even find a simple mattress we wanted to buy for Zoárd. 

Even though a tropical island might not have a few big brands and some modern gadgets but you will find caps and hats. Remember: staying white or becoming whiter is what the locals aim for. And what better way to do this is by covering yourself up! 

Zoárd and I know how to behave absolutely normal when shopping at Tesco Lotus.

Yesterday we left the hotel eagerly to find the oats and natural granola that we eat every single day. But they were out of them both.  That can happen. Once again I must point out that on an island even the big Tesco Lotus can have delays in stocking up. 

Each time we leave the hotel, the receptionists ask us where we are going. And before I can answer with a bored face they guess the answer and say: “shopping, shopping at Tesco Lotus?” They say it with such excitement that I always feel ashamed of myself. Yes, when you live on an island going to the big supermarket is considered fun.

After shopping for toothbrushes, my husband felt like eating sushi and we know a Japanese gentleman who has such passion for preparing food that eating at his place is always magical. I am a picky eater, a very, very picky eater but even I tasted octopus when we were there the last time. That was before we had Zoárd. So the idea of going back to this quiet sushi bar was not appealing to me at first. Zoárd was naked as usual and I started to worry about silly things like too strong air conditioning. Since we just happened to buy a top for him from the F&F collection of Tesco my non-existent problem was quickly solved.

Here we are! I am waiting for my tomato soup with noddles and my sushi with cucumber. Adventures me! HAHA

When was the last time you turned a situation around? Do you think humor and having a positive attitude makes things easier? 

24 thoughts on “I Became The New Face of Estee Lauder

    • I seriously think Zoárd is a magnet for making anyone broody! HAHA
      Especially here in Thailand he is like a phenomenon with his white skin and big eyes. People ask to take pictures of him daily. Just a half an hour ago some guests from the hotel we live in took some pretty awesome pictures with their high tech camera and I felt no shame: I gave them my email and asked them to email the picture where I can also be seen… 😛

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