Who is The Funniest Around You?

Kerry started a series of “A Day In The Life” where you can show the blogging world what you do all day. You can read all about it on Kerry’s blog.

Danielle if you are still looking for a fun project maybe this is for you!

I think one must post about her day at least once in great detail. This is what I did in this post:

I failed to do the same with FEW words but nevertheless I think I did a mighty fine job:

I started taking notes and pictures following my day today. I think today can be called a typical one (but I will show off some other moments as well). I also thought about the weekly photo challenges I have been doing on Saturdays. I will sneak in an unsuspected son of mine and my outfit of the day. This was last week’s photo challenge that was actually posted on Saturday:

Zoárd and I make up the “late ones to wake up” around half past seven in our family of three.
As soon as I start taking pictures of Zoárd I cannot go unnoticed and he starts posing.

Here is Zoárd with his tooth brush and if you want to know how you can tell his excitement that he can be the model of my pictures, look at his straight baby legs. HAHA

I could probably do a whole post with Zoárd being happy about “picture time”.

I sometimes take over 50 pictures of him and I  noticed that he makes sure that he is facing me.

If I move because I want the lighting to be better he moves too. Face to face! – is the philosophy!

Almost, after an hour we woke up I had my breakfast which means I take out everything from the minibar. If you are wondering what things I did beforehand I will put it in a bracket just for You (cleaning poo; I made sure the play area is safe, I put away clothes, I made sure I am not naked but I did change my clothes later, I made a list).

I have my breakfast in front of my laptop everyday while I read emails, comments etc.

I dislike finding Zoárd on the sofa but that does not stop me from taking a picture…

I am fast forwarding otherwise this post will be as long as the strudel’s dough.

Lunch is in the hotel’s restaurant after Zoárd’s first nap.

I eat rice noodles with eggs and tomatoes OR (this is NEW…) with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes.

Zoárd and his tomato.

It is not nice of me to give a catchy title to my blog post and not tell you the answer to my question.

I think Zoárd is funny like all babies but I think he is starting to get us.

He is comfortable about playfulness in public.

He makes us smile, we make him smile.

We are one happy family who met an awesome stranger at Starbucks. Look at the picture the stranger took of us? Not only did she know that I am not a fan of pictures showing our nasal hair, she took a really friendly shot of us.

In the afternoons Zoárd either holds on to my chair or he finds something that interests him.

PicMonkey Collage who is there
I am fascinated by his eagerness to stand up anywhere he stands a chance. HAHA

I go to the gym before dinner and the boys space out.

Here is my outfit!

Thank you for patience if you managed to read everything: every single word. You are a star!

Who is the funniest person around you? Could it be You?


15 thoughts on “Who is The Funniest Around You?

  1. The straight legs are funny in and of themselves. What a silly way to express excitement! Yet you can definitely see it in the body language.

    He seems very content to entertain himself, your little guy.

    By the way, I did a thing to my feed and it broke. Apparently it works again if you unfollow me then re-follow me. If you want the long version it’s here:

    …but that’s basically the upshot.

    I’m so sorry to be bugging everyone! I should have left everything alone.

  2. This is the cutest post! Sounds like you have fun days with your little one! 🙂 He is the sweetest little baby!! And you live in a hotel?! That is so cool!


    • Yup, my husband runs the place and he is very involved in the hotel’s life that is why it is best for us to be near it all. I am glad you liked my post. You are welcome to chill out here at my blog anytime. Take good care!

  3. I keep missing your posts somehow! I guess, I should stop by daily. 🙂 Great post. Always so interesting. Glad you left the hotel. 😀

    • You are welcome to stop by anytime… and you know what, you and Áse inspired me so much with your pumpkin spice lattes that that is why I asked my husband that we go to Starbucks! They only had salted caramel latte but I said: yes, please! First time I had a flavored drink with whipped cream and all! Thanks to you my dear! (I took this beverage as a dessert so I had it on Sunday – my dessert is allowed day…)

  4. Well, I made it through and really enjoyed your post. Your son is adorable- where is the name from? So special. To answer YOUR question, am alone a lot, so that makes ME the funniest person around myself, but other than that it is my mom. Unfortunately at the moment we live in different countries but she still is the funniest ever!
    Happy blogging,
    Anami 🙂

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