Do You Remember What You Looked Like 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Autumns Ago?

Thank you Beth in bringing my creativity out I really needed this tag! Here are Beth’s answers to her being tagged. 

I digged out autumn photos of my past which was easy to do since I am a child of Autumn.

First thing comes first (I am building up the right kind of tension), I took a picture of myself today in order to give a shocking answer to some of the questions.

By “shocking” I only mean that many times I do NOT see a whole lot of difference when…

I use a different shade on my eyes.
I like my pistachio eye pencil.

I only owe one lipstick:  Dior 565. I would call it fuchsia color. You tell me if that is stylish for autumn or not… HAHA

Favorite thing about Autumn: 2nd of November – my birthday!!!

Favorite drink: rooibos tea with honey if I am cold. Fresh coconut juice if I am… well, here on a sunny island…

Favorite scent: I have no idea because I would have to “smell it” but I found an autumn candle collection and picked out: salted caramel

Favorite outfit, lipstick and eye shadow: see the picture above please. (I do not like to wear exactly the same thing twice in a month so I do not have a favorite outfit in this sense.)

Favorite autumn treat: I will have to think outside of Thailand where there is actually fall. Latte with cottage cheese pie or cherry pie. You asked… HAHA

Favorite band/singer: I have faces. Let me just share a link to a song my husband introduced me to:

Favorite place to be: celebrating somewhere… (I simply want to show off my autumn pictures now from the previous years -may I?!)

Autumn of 2012 – Barcelona

Autumn of 2011 – Samui

Autumn of 2010 – Bangkok

Autumn of 2009 – Budapest
The theme of my birthday party was: wear someone else’s clothes. My husband and I both secretly asked my mother-in-law to lend something cute and sexy… 

Autumn of 2008 – surprise birthday trip to Prague

How about if you write a post using up this theme? I would like to tag You if you would enjoy being tagged. Deal???


9 thoughts on “Do You Remember What You Looked Like 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Autumns Ago?

    • Everyone had to wear clothes that were not yours. They had to be borrowed from someone. The dress with the bow is a dress my mother-in-law kept in her closet. I think she wore it when she…younger…
      Let me see if I can still do the backward handstand… hold on… it is one of my least favorite poses but just now, just for you… brrrr… I did it but it was not fun…HAHA

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