Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 7/ – How Do You Feel About Posing?

Some of my friends tell me that they prefer to see pictures of me when I am all natural, not aware of the camera and certainly not posing. Well, the good news is: this photo challenge is about having your baby pose. The bad news is: there is no such thing as looking at a picture of me a la natural, I am not aware of the world,  I am simply sitting on the floor wearing a large boyfriend T-shirt without make-up on.

And surprise, surprise this photo challenge always comes hand in hand with an outfit of the day pic! Ha! There I am! Probably posing… Ha! Not “probably”, I AM POSING! HAHA

So what is this weekend photo challenge all about? There is always a theme and you can have fun with it in a blog post. That is my interpretation at least.

As always, I told Zoárd about this week’s challenge. He asked me not to put anything on his head.

I told him I cannot promise this and he was not pleased with me.

I thought it was a compromise on my part to let Zoárd pose however he fancies. 

But maybe I got carried away a bit with the beanies I made him….

OK, OK!! Peace!! No more posing. For now. Yes, I promise!

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How do you feel when people take pictures of you? Do you like to smile a certain way? Or is it best if you do not know about the camera man lurking around you?


18 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 7/ – How Do You Feel About Posing?

  1. I am not that photogenic so most of my good pictures are when I was unaware. For some reason I cannot naturally smile when I am getting photos taken. It’s a curse… I wish I could pose like you and your cutie. 🙂

    • Oh my dear this takes lots and lots of practice. One has to find that “perfect picture smile”. But hey, if you already know the secret to your fantastic photographs: being unaware of the situation then super!

    • I love you! I needed this slap on the face! Where is my make-up? My party smell… is that an expression?! HAHA
      Alright. I need to post on Monday because of the time difference that changed since yesterday. Now it is 7 hours that I am ahead…

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